12 Trending Colors You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Season (Fall 2021)

If I had to sum up the top Fall 2021 color trends in one word, it would be: unexpected.

From intensely saturated, pure pigment colors (your inner child might let out a squeal of delight!) to soft, feminine pastels, the majority of this list might catch you by surprise. While traditionally reserved for resort-wear and the unfolding of spring, this rainbow-inspired infusion could be the breath of fresh air you didn’t know you needed.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I am NOT a fan of generic style advice. So while each of these hues are beautiful in their own ways, we’re going to break down every of-the-moment color to determine whether they make the cut for YOUR wardrobe this season.

Now, let’s see what’s about to pop up in all your favorite stores this September, shall we?

All images sourced from Vogue.com


Ka-POW! (That was the sound of me karate kicking this list off with what might be the boldest of blues you’ve ever seen.) I’m obsessed with this color option for you if you have high-contrast personal coloring, meaning the light to dark range of your personal features is high. Specifically, if you have super dark hair and fair skin (à la Bella Hadid modeling this eye-catching Off-White number), you have my full blessing to rock out in this color all season long. This color is especially ideal for you if you love setting trends, standing out, and owning the room.

Copy these cobalt looks if you have a dramatic personal style with high-contrast coloring. After all, you probably want to turn heads without being overshadowed by your outfit.


This hopeful hue adds a welcome dose of cheer to the autumn palette line-up. Sunny, saturated yellow is worn most easily by those who possess warm personal features, like a peachy complexion, rich caramel or toffee colored locks, and earthy blue, green, or chestnut eyes. It’s also a (semi) safe bet that if yellow gold metallics look nice on you, this matte version will be equally suited to your natural tones. 

If you don’t think yellow is ideal for your wardrobe, but you love its happy and playful demeanor, find other ways to surround yourself with this hue! Yellow is a really fun color to work into your home and office space, so give it a whirl with interior design elements as well.


No need to wait until Saint Paddy’s Day to step out in head-to-toe leprechaun! Another bold trend, kelly green is a fun, festive option for fall. If your personal features are on the cooler side (in temperature, not popularity 🌡), take a page from Andrew Gn’s book and accent an emerald green outfit with a side of kelly green in your accessories. As you discovered if you attended my first Girls’ Night In: Dream Wardrobe Design Workshop, “you don’t have to be so matchy-matchy, Jen.” 😂

Go kelly green this season if you want to get your inner Irish out before March OR, quite simply, if it’s one of your preferred colors. I hope it brings you luck!


The fall trend colors this year did NOT come to play! This vibrant fuchsia feature lit up many a runway. Like all the colors we’ve explored so far, this option is best suited for those with a dramatic personal style. Of course, you can tone this (and any) hue down by limiting it to a gorgeous accent item and alter it’s vibe through the fabric choice. As you can see in the looks above, fuchsia can be manipulated to give you a creative, romantic, or even professional appearance depending on the styling.

Fuchsia is a flirty, feminine option best for those with a bold, dramatic style.


Ready to take a sharp right turn from all the bright, saturated colors splashing stores this fall? If you’re craving a softer option in your shopping cart, baby pink has your name written all over it. Equally unexpected for the season, the subtlety of this hue might integrate more seamlessly with the existing pieces in your wardrobe. If you want to look pretty in pink, choose pieces that compliment your skin tone and play well with your natural blush color. I prefer this particular tint for ladies with a cool, pink complexion. So if your personal colors are on the warmer side, you might want to skip this trend color and opt for your usual peachy or coral-y pinks instead.

Pick up a few pieces in this trend color if you have a cool complexion and love to feel pretty in pink.


Did someone turn up the heat? True, fire red is an exciting and highly stimulating color, which can quickly cross over to become both overwhelming and exhausting on the wrong canvas. The bright and bold pieces above are most flattering on a woman whose personal coloring (again, this refers to skin tone, hair and eye color) is equally intense and dramatic. Take the same high contrast cues I gave for cobalt. Psychologically speaking, red is a very persuasive color, so wear it when you want to project power, excitement, or romance.

If you feel confident that your personal colors are high contrast and you have the vivacious personality to match, this might be the perfect “IT” color for you! 


If you’ve been anxiously awaiting visions of autumn leaves and PSL vibes, look no further! This might be the first seasonal trend color on the list with all the fall feels. The only downside? It’s a tricky one to pull off. Super warm colors, like turmeric or clay, can wash out and overpower fair, cool skin tones. So buyer beware. But I do adore this hue for you if you have a deep, golden skin tone OR in small doses as a sharp, seasonal accent color.

Add a dash of turmeric to your wardrobe as a fresh, autumn accent — unless you have a deep, golden complexion, in which case, spice it up generously!


One of the few trend colors this season that really screams “fall”, root beer is the answer to my brown-eyed clients’ prayers! Rich, chocolatey colors are a fairly rare find. And when you want to wear your eye color (read this article to discover why it’s one of your most flattering options 😉), it can be frustrating to feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. So I was delighted to discover the plethora of mahogany options at all of our fingertips this season. Keep in mind, this particularly warm, red-toned brown is most complimentary with neutral to warm skin tones. If you have a cool complexion, seek out browns that read more mink, cedar, umber, or taupe instead.

If you have caramel brown flecks in your eyes, run! (don’t walk) to snatch up ALL the root beer colored tops, jackets, suits, dresses, and accessories you can find. If you have a neutral to warm skin tone, I love this for you even more!


Mossy, yellow green is making a big splash this season. This warm tone is perfect for you if you love earthy elements and have a neutral to warm complexion. Olive branch is a fairly classic color. So although it may be trending right now, you’ll be able to enjoy your investments in this hue for years to come. What’s the secret to making this color look totally of-the-moment? As you can see from these runway looks: the textured, the better.

Try olive branch if you love earthy elements, classic colors, and have a neutral to warm complexion.


Ahh… lovely, lavender. This hue is certainly fresh and nontraditional for fall. Typically, pastels are reserved for spring (as we saw last season!). But I love the idea of lightening up your wintery wardrobe with this pretty purple tint. I think it goes without saying, you always want to make sure your pastels don’t wash you out. So take this as your official permission slip to look for lilac options that are a bit more saturated. Or if you feel truly self-conscious about this color, try limiting lavender to your lower half and pair it with a darker top or jacket for a bit of contrast.

Put on soft lavender this season if you have a feminine or creative style and want to give off a playful, delicate vibe!

Still Trending From Spring…


This neon trend was huge on the spring runways and returned in full force to the fall collections. Just keep in mind, bright tones can be more difficult to pull off. This colorful trend is best suited to those looking to project a more dramatic or creative style and personality. Even the tiniest touch of neon green will take your look from basic to bold, so be prepared to get the attention this eye-catching trend deserves. To take a more feminine or dainty approach, look for wispy, ruffled, or lovely lace pieces. And to dip your toe in the water, opt for a small tennis ball green accent like a saturated stole or a bold belt instead.

It’s for you if you love neon, “notice me!” colors and have a neutral to warm complexion.


Vibrant tangerine continued to heat up the runways this season. I’d venture to guess you don’t have much of this hue in your wardrobe currently.  So I know the question you’re wondering now – is this color right for me? I’d recommend a head-to-toe, saturated citrus like this for those with a warm, peachy or bronze complexion. If you love this bright pop of color but aren’t sure it would love you back, why not add just a touch here or there in a great accent shoe or handbag?  

I recommend adding a slice of orange to your autumn wardrobe if you love bold colors and have a peachy or golden complexion!

Now, tell me what you think!

Will you be trying on any of these trend colors this fall? Which feel most like you? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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