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I'm Heather Riggs 

Since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with all things F A S H I O N.  From paper dolls to Fashion Plates (remember those?!), my childhood hobbies are now a real life career where I’m blessed to guide and empower women in designing the closets – and lives – of their dreams.

Refill your mug and stay a while. Because the words on this website and the mission behind my services are all about making you feel your absolute BEST.

You’re a busy gal wearing a lot of different hats - - I’m talking about responsibilities here, not cute fedoras. And frankly, you don’t have time to waste standing in front of a closet full of clothes feeling like you have nothing to wear. Or worse, in front of a mirror picking yourself apart.

As a certified image consultant, color specialist, and transformational coach for over a decade, I’ve spent time perfecting the art of how to build a truly one-of-a-kind capsule closet while uncovering + learning to love who you are from the inside out.

This isn’t about pushing my own tastes and preferences. It’s not about copying that “picture perfect” style blogger you’ve been envying. And it’s definitely NOT about living up to impossibly unrealistic social media standards.

What it IS about is feeling confident in your own style and skin.

((Oh, and saving a LOT of time, money, and headaches in the process.))

Ready to Refresh Your Wardrobe And Reclaim Your Confidence?


i can't wait to work with her again!

Heather is incredible.  I've had only two sessions with her and she changed my wardrobe and image outlook profoundly.

- mariel rosati, professional actor + Singer

I had a closet full of nothing to wear! Heather came to my rescue and helped me see that I had many outfits to wear, appropriate for any occasion. We started with a color analysis and Heather, being an expert, showed me the colors that are most flattering on me. Next, we did a closet audit and with Heather's keen eye, we evaluated, eliminated and coordinated the clothes in my closet and to my surprise I had a wardrobe! Now it is so easy to get dressed because everything in my wardrobe goes together and knowing my color palette makes it easy to shop for new pieces.

- Annemarie B.

I am SO excited about what I got out of Heather’s service. For example, without even having added any new items to my collection, I just passed through security at the airport and smiled at my jacket, shoes and purse sitting together in the bin because I know they’re in my palette and they look so good together. :) The feeling of calm and joy about this was real. Work-wise, play-wise, in my home life - can’t recommend this service enough. I’ve experienced freedom, joy, power and feeling very streamlined. 

- Julie D.

What Lights Me Up

When I’m not playing dress up with clients or writing for the blog, you’ll likely find me sipping on my morning cold brew coffee (all day long), corralling my boys (one husband, one toddler, and one French bulldog), or getting my sweat on at the barre (think a little more ballet, a little less Bacardi).



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Five Facts About Me



I've been with my husband, Neil, for more than half of my life - crazy! We went to rival high schools and started dating when I was a senior and he had just graduated.


I studied with aerials with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts (just for fun) and can do a few simple tricks on the static trapeze and silks. By no means should you hire me for your next kids' party. 



Although I was actually born in Maryland, everyone thinks of me as a Jersey girl because I've lived here since first grade. (GTL, anyone?)

I'm a bit of a thrill seeker. I've been skydiving, LOVE horror movies, worked at a haunted house when I was 15, and gave birth to my son without an epidural. (Still not sure which was scariest!)

My personal style is feminine (give me all the pretty things!) and natural (#momlife - need I say more?) with a touch of elegance (let's pop that champagne, friend!)

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