Nature Breaks All The “No No” Color Combo Rules… Why Shouldn’t You?

In third grade, two of my friends were in a “fight” (in my limited experience, it’s fairly common for elementary aged girls to waffle in relationships from one week to the next). During this period of mutual aversion, one started making fun of the other for wearing a purple top with lime green shorts. She said something to the effect of, “who wears purple and green together?!” I know… killer burn. 🙄

But I felt sad for my friend who committed the proclaimed fashion offense. And even more so bewildered. I’ll never forget sticking up for her by asking the question you’re probably wondering right now… “What’s wrong with wearing purple and green?”

I never did get an answer, by the way.

Interestingly, it’s not the last time I heard various “rules” of which colors to wear… or rather, not wear together.

How many of these NO-NO color combos sound familiar?

  • Navy (or brown) and black
  • Blue (or red) and green “should never be seen”
  • Pink and red (or orange)

Instead, I say, a good general rule of thumb is that if colors work together in nature, they’ll work just as well in an outfit. 

Ready to bust some outdated myths and get naughty inspired by nature? Here’s my case in point.


Isn’t there something so beautiful about a stormy sky? You have that exciting blend of nightshade blue with smatterings of mysteriously heavy black clouds. IMO, there’s something super chic about an equally magnificent navy and black ensemble.


Nothing evokes crisp, autumn vibes quite like a rich brown and black combo. It may be reminiscent of fallen leaves, but this unexpected pairing feels like a breath of fresh air. Besides, isn’t the very definition of neutrals that they go with everything, including each other?


Okay, I may have used the term “breath of fresh air” too soon. From seascapes to mountaintops, endless blue and green variations are lurking around every corner in the great outdoors. The key here is to find the magical match for you and never be afraid to rock it.


Without a doubt, traditional red and green pairings conjure up Christmas spirit with little effort. But when done right, these complimentary colors can instead create effects from delicate (think muted rose with soft eucalyptus) to bold (an orangey red and hunter green) and everything in between. No mistletoe required.


Contrary to popular opinion, pink and red go together as deliciously as peanut butter and jelly. As a plus, you can don these hues without looking like a Valentine’s Day greeting card or Elle Woods’ long lost sister. Exhibit A: geology rocks.


Can we go ahead and agree that on Wednesdays we wear pink AND orange? I mean… If that sunset doesn’t strike you, maybe the cheerful pop of this vibrant streetwear look will send your heart racing! Whoever said orange isn’t the new go-to with pink was seriously disturbed.

I could carry on with these examples for daysssss. And I’m happy to if there are other color myths you’re curious about. (Ask away in the comments!)

But here are the 2 key takeaways I want to leave you with today:

No. 1Don’t blindly follow blanket style “rules” you’ve heard… whether from bullies on the playground or fashion bibles like WWD and Vogue. If you love a particular color duo, no matter how taboo or trending, wear it with confidence! I promise I’ll have your back, too.

No. 2 Consider YOUR best colors when choosing your combos. Although they aren’t the only hues you can wear, your unique personal color palette will steer you toward the most flattering options, always.  So if you want to find your perfect pink and red pairing, take inspiration from your natural blush tones and best reds, for example.

Not sure which colors are right for you?  I can help.

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And before you go, tell me in the comments which “no no” color combos were on your radar before reading this article? What do you think about those taboos now? Are there any others you’d add to this list??

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