How To Choose the Perfect Color Palette For Your Brand or Capsule Wardrobe


I preach about the importance of color a lot. But my eyes still go wide at the thought of these statistics: Up to 90% of someone’s gut reaction about you (and your business, if you have one) is based on COLOR ALONE. Think about the impact this can have on every area of your life, like signing new clients, attracting the right partner, making friends as an adult… the list goes on.

If you’re not 100% sure you’re utilizing the BEST colors in your wardrobe and branding, I’m here to help. I’ve studied the psychology of color for well over a decade. And today, I’m sharing 5 essential points to consider when choosing the right color palette for your business.

Not an entrepreneur? Not a problem! With a few adjustments, these questions can help you pick an incredible color palette for your next seasonal capsule wardrobe as well.  

(Or your own values.) Start paying attention to the thoughts different hues conjure up for you. Most of us associate green with earth-friendly feelings and classic colors like navy blue with trustworthiness and reliability. Pastel colors give a soft and lighthearted vibe, whereas deep jewel tones usually appear more elegant and luxurious. 

So think objectively. What do the key colors in your closet or branding communicate about what you stand for? You can even poll your most trusted friends and family or your audience for an outside opinion.

Colors not only evoke various thoughts, but feelings. Whether it’s your audience on social media or your friends at the next girls’ night, what kind of energy do you want to give off? Warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows generally boost excitement and creativity. Cool blue, green, or violet tones usually evoke calm, peaceful feelings. Think about the vibe you’re creating for those in your circle — both personally & professionally.  

I think you’re starting to get the idea. The main colors you wear or use in your brand also speak to your personality. All-black everything signals an heir of seriousness and sophistication. Pastels have a way of playing up your softness and sensitivity. Blush pinks are approachable. Reds are powerful and persuasive. And on and on it goes. Whatever you choose, let your one-of-a-kind personality shine through in your color palette!

It might seem obvious that you’re not going to adopt colors you don’t like. But I can’t be the only one who’s been talked into an article of clothing I wasn’t totally sold on —by a well-meaning sales person or shopping buddy. You might feel like you should turn your power of choice over to that brand expert you hired. I mean, you are paying for their opinion, aren’t you? At the end of the day though, toss the colors that don’t make YOU feel amazing or help you truly stand out in your industry.

It goes without saying… but I’m going to say it anyway… you should LOVE the colors you invest in. From website and logo design to shoes and accessories, the hues you incorporate into all facets of your life should light you up. And as a personal brand, your company should represent who you are and what brings you joy. If you LOVE yellow, play with some variations that support all the points we discussed above. After all, there’s an endless variety from champagne to lemon to marigold. I have no doubt you can find the perfect hues to suit both your personal taste and the vision you have for your brand.

If you’re not confident that the colors you love look out of this world on you, I’d be honored to guide you in choosing options that flatter you AND support all the factors we just walked through above!

Both my Personal Color Palette and Personal Brand Styling services are designed to show you your best colors for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, interior design, personal branding and more. If you’re ready to take your style and confidence to the next level with the power and psychology of color, then we need to team up on this, my friend! Color is my area of expertise and you’re going to want me in your corner.

Either way, I hope these tips have empowered you with insights and direction on how to bring together the perfect color palette for your closet or your business.

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