How To Set Achievable Wardrobe Goals For the New Year


With the turn of the calendar, you might be feeling motivated to set and achieve some big goals for yourself. And I’ll venture to guess one of the topics on your mind is improving your wardrobe or your personal style in one way or another.

Since I find a lot of joy in supporting you with such goals, in this episode, we’re going to discuss how to make those goals not only achievable, but inevitable. I’ll help you navigate what the BEST goals are for you and how to achieve them in a way that feels really empowering and fun. I can’t wait to share these tips with you!

When and Why To Set Wardrobe Goals

Before we explore some ways to make your wardrobe goals more achievable, let’s talk about why it might be time for you to SET a wardrobe goal or goals for yourself in the first place.

Number one, you might be feeling resistance to this. And that’s perfectly understandable.

When you think about New Year’s resolutions or what’s important for you to do or accomplish in the months ahead, you’re probably feeling like you need to prioritize your family or your health or things that aren’t so directly tied to you and how you feel. It might feel selfish, frivolous, or low-priority to spend any time or energy thinking about yourself and your appearance.

But here’s the thing.

I don’t think you’d be here if a part of you didn’t have the desire to improve your wardrobe or your personal style in some way.

And so I want to start by squashing the idea that this is a SELFISH thing for you to put your attention on. Because I know and you know, too, that having a closet you love will allow you to…

  • Save time and stress every single day
  • Show up everywhere looking your best
  • Improve your mood
  • Stop wasting money on clothing that doesn’t make you feel amazing
  • Help you make a good (and accurate) impression
  • Increase your ability to focus out on others
  • Open up new opportunities
  • Inspire and set an example for those around you
  • Increase your belief in yourself (when you look good, you feel good and vice versa!)
  • Experience freedom and JOY in getting dressed
  • Feel confident everyday

You can see how this has a ripple effect into other areas of your life, just like setting a health goal or managing your time better. And you have to get dressed every day whether you like it or not. Putting thought into your appearance and how you feel about yourself and getting dressed will help you show up at a higher level in all other aspects of your day. Investing in education around shopping and putting outfits together helps you save money in the long run! And being more thoughtful about where and what you buy can impact not only your own sanity and stress level, but can also make an impact on the environment by eliminating clothing waste, and countless other global factors.

Style and Wardrobe Goal Inspiration

let’s take this a step further and brainstorm a list of possible goals you could set for yourself! Because while I, of course, want you to build a wardrobe you love if you haven’t already, that might not be the “right” goal for you right now. It could feel too overwhelming or maybe you have more pressing or personal goals for your style at the moment. Whatever the goal or goals are for you, that’s perfect! There’s no one right way to tackle your closet!

There are a lot of other results you could work toward in 2023. So I want to offer you a few ideas to get your wheels turning…

  • You could set a goal to organize your closet –maybe it’s time to invest in matching hangers, clear out the pieces that are no longer serving you, and figure out better storage solutions so you feel peaceful and excited to look at your clothes and accessories in the morning instead of dreading the mess!

  • Maybe it’s time for you to get crystal clear on what your best colors are. You’ve been hearing me talk about skin tone types and color temperatures and this is the ONE THING you want to pinpoint in 2023. So it might be time to do some research or squirrel away the funds to invest in a personal color palette so you can eliminate the guesswork.

  • Your wardrobe goal might be to downsize the number of pieces in your closet and start a capsule wardrobe.

  • You might be enticed by the idea of putting together an outfit library from your existing items and maximize what you already have by combining things in new ways this year!

  • You could put yourself on a shopping freeze for a set period of time.

  • You could focus on refreshing your basics or building out one area of your wardrobe, like sleepwear or your shoe collection. 

  • Maybe you want to start shopping more sustainably and you’re going to commit to filling the gaps in your wardrobe with only natural fibers or looking at second hand stores first, sustainable retailers second. Or you might work toward replacing your favorite fast fashion brands. I highly recommend downloading the Good On You app, which is totally free and gives you the ability to search for sustainable brands by a number of different factors and also offers ratings so you can see how the companies you currently shop from compare.  

  • You might want to spend LESS time getting ready every day! So your goal could be to perfect a 5-minute hair and makeup routine or to lay out your clothes the night before. If you need to, go back and listen to episode #9 where I shared 10 Time-Saving Tips To Look Put Together FAST.

  • Your goal could be to have more FUN with your style in 2023! To take bigger risks with unexpected color or print combinations, trying new stores, or choosing a style muse to channel this year. These are great ways to break out of a style rut and shake things up!

Bottom line: there’s no one right goal to set. So let’s talk now about HOW to figure out what the right goals are for you and how to make them achievable!  Because dreaming will only take you so far.

Start with the end in mind

Break it down into bite-sized steps

Make your goal positive and measurable

Celebrate along the way

Accountability is everything

Revisit your goal(s) throughout the year

It’s okay if this is NOT a priority for you right now. You might have bigger goals on your mind as you start out the year. Be realistic about how much time and attention you have to give to your closet. For some women, this feels really important and it’s something they want to invest time, money, and energy into. For others, it’s a “someday” dream. Be honest about where you are.

What impact would having your wardrobe more organized, thought-out, and complete make on the rest of your life? Are there other, more urgent goals you need to accomplish first? Be okay with wherever you are. Because having a successful year isn’t just about goal setting, it’s also about goal selection.

I hope this episode has given you a lot of food for thought about how to set and take action on a plan for the year ahead. I hope 2023 is your most confident year ever. I can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you along the way!


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