7 Trends To Kiss Goodbye In 2023


As an image consultant, I’m not all that interested in trends.

Don’t get me wrong. I love browsing the latest runway looks, trendspotting on social media, and window-shopping my favorite stores for the most recent styles. But I don’t spend much time, if any, discussing the latest trends with my clients. Instead, I’m all about transcending trends, focusing on your unique, signature style, and sharing timeless principles that apply no matter your dress size, lifestyle, or the season’s “must-haves”.

Personally, I used to be a slave to trends and, while it was fun and expensive ─I mean, expressive─ it only left me with a closet full of rapidly outdated clothes and a bank account full over overdraft fees. Because yes, chasing trends was also expensive!

So why on earth am I recording a podcast episode all about which trends are moving in and out of style?

Part of my responsibility in creating HER Style Podcast is keeping you in the loop on what’s happening in the world of fashion. And I want to break it down for you in a way that’s simple and relatable. I also know most articles and trend reports simply toss out the latest trends and throw in a few links to product examples you “need to buy now!” But they miss the most important piece. And that’s how to know, with certainty, which trends are right for you, worth your investment, and applicable to your everyday life.

So in this episode, we’re going there and we’re going to unpack 7 Trends To Kiss Goodbye in 2023! 

What’s Still Trending In 2023

Let’s start with the good news, which is that many of the most popular looks from 2022 are sticking around and being further developed in the New Year. So I’m happy to report that if you hopped on the trend train and adopted some of the latest styles in your wardrobe, the odds are good that you can continue wearing them confidently into the year ahead.

Cut-outs are taking bigger shape, oversized blazers are being shown in both structured and slouchy silhouettes. From soft lavender to rich raspberry hues, purple variations are still going strong. You can also continue to wear lace, fringe, sports luxe, big bows, sequins, ballet flats, sunny yellow, and Barbiecore pink, among others.

There are also a few new trends on the spring scene that you might prefer. There were a ton of beautiful, feminine elements on the spring runways including frothy tulle, feathers, rosettes, bubble hem dresses and skirts, and ruffles on ruffles! We’re also seeing some more low-key trends like raw-edge hems and intentional wrinkles or what’s being referred to as “undone styling”, cropped jackets, hooded dresses á la Grace Jones, and tube or bandeau style dresses are going to be really in this upcoming season.

Now, before we unpack the trends that are starting to fizzle out, I want to remind you that it’s always most important to be true to your style and what works for you. If that isn’t obvious, I need to say it again! Don’t let me or anyone else dictate what you do or don’t wear. If you LOVE something, keep wearing it. If you detest a particular trend, avoid it. It’s really that simple! Don’t overthink it and please don’t doubt yourself and your own style instincts. You will look your best when you feel the most comfortable and confident. 

Bright Ocean Blue Hues

Bright colors have been trending for a very long time now. Coming out of a time of isolation during the pandemic, fashion became very playful and celebratory in a lot of ways. The runways felt like a party and women started embracing sparkle in daytime pieces like skirts or tops paired with cargo pants and unexpected combinations. Color followed suit. It’s been all about neon hues like tennis ball green, vivid tangerine, and hot pink.

You probably know I’m an advocate for wearing colors you love that also compliment your personal coloring. I appreciate dramatic colors and fashion but I feel like there’s a fine line between letting color or any aspect of your outfit overpower you. You can use bold elements to tell a story through your style, but as an image consultant I’m typically most concerned with that story being about you and supporting you with taking center stage.

So all of that said, I’m happy to tell you that one of the shifts we’re starting to see in color is the replacement of bright, bold ocean blue hues with more delicate sky and powder blues. These softer notes are more universally flattering and obviously understated. If you’ve been frustrated with color options as of late and feeling like everything is either too wildly saturated for you or too beige and boring, this new wave of blues is likely a great option for you this upcoming season.


The second trend you can start to swap out is minimalism, surprisingly! That’s not to say there aren’t simple silhouettes still happening. I already told you that tube dresses are going to be really popular this spring and that’s a very minimalistic look. But one of the undeniable trends on the spring 2023 runways were heavily layered looks. This is a trend that can be easily adapted to any personal style type and it’s especially practical in transition weather. I love wearing layered looks in the spring and fall because, quite frankly, the temperatures can be very unpredictable both inside and outside.

Micro Mini Skirts

Next up, this spring you’ll be seeing a lot less of the micro mini skirt trend and I’m pleased to report that knee-length pencil skirts and midi-length hemlines are way more current. This is probably exciting news for you, unless you love showing off your legs as the weather heats up. Most of my clients find longer hemlines to be way more practical, flattering, and age-appropriate. While I feel like these skirt lengths are classic and timeless, embracing knee-length and midi styles now will also help you feel modern and stylish moving into the New Year.

I will say, designers often paired these longer length skirts with micro mini bandeau tops. So the miniature look isn’t completely going away. It’s just transitioned more from the bottom to the top. If you’re someone who has an alluring style or likes showing more skin in the warmer months, you’re welcome to try this. Otherwise, you can absolutely pair a full top with your modest-length skirt as well. I’m just saying!

Micro Mini Handbags

You might remember one of the trendiest looks from last summer and early fall was micro mini handbags. These teeny tiny “purses” were adorable, but they were really more of a statement piece. Most styles aren’t even big enough to hold your phone. They’re more of a wallet size, at best. Some you could probably slip a lipstick into and call it a day. 

And what we’re seeing instead this season are oversized bags once again. The pendulum is already swinging in the other direction. And there were extra large totes, cross-body bags, and even enlarged clutch styles on the catwalks. So if you have a lot of baggage to carry around (literally!), feel free to pick up a much bigger bag for yourself in 2023. It will not be deemed a fashion faux pas!


This one has been going on for a while as well. I first mentioned it in my Spring 2021 Trend Report, almost 2 years ago. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, envision a literal fishing net type of material used as dresses, skirts, poncho-style tops, and more. These mesh styles were big with Chanel and Valentino and, despite how I just described them, had the ability to look very elegant and tasteful. But I think you can safely let these pieces go. Instead, gauzy knits are looking like the new fabric texture to try in the year ahead. 


Stripes were pretty big this past fall. This popular print didn’t make the cut in my seasonal trend report, as it is extremely classic and stripes are always a safe bet. But if you want to look totally current in the New Year, swap your stripes for polka dot patterns instead. We’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of spots this spring so you can get ahead of the curve and start shopping for polka dot print pieces now.

You can opt for classic neutrals or stand out even more with a brighter color pairing. I recommend mirroring the size of the dots with the scale of your facial features to create the most flattering and balanced look. So if you have a relatively small nose, eyes, and mouth, choose small scale polka dots, whereas if your facial features are more prominent, then you can more easily pull off a large scale print.

Baggy Trousers

I’ve seen and heard so much flack from women who cannot stand the baggy pants trend, especially after stocking up on the perfect skinny jeans for years. And while baggy denim is NOT going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s still the most popular silhouette on the runways and we saw plenty of embellished versions for spring including jewel encrusted, cargo-styles, two-toned washes, and head-to-toe full denim outfits paired with baggy jeans, so the style options are seemingly endless moving into the next season.

But if you are missing your skinny styles, I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS! There were a large number of skinny trousers on the Spring 2023 catwalks, including Celine, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Sportmax. So while you may not want to throw away any straight leg, flare, or puddle pants that are continuing into the New Year, you can confidently scoop up cigarette pants for the workplace, dinner dates, or any other activities when you want to look and feel a bit more polished. And you do not have to worry about any members of Gen Z rolling their eyes at you. Although, I sincerely hope you wouldn’t care even if they did.

Remember, more important than ANYTHING I just told you is to stick to your style while letting yourself experiment and step out of your comfort zone every now and then, choosing your best colors, and flattering your figure. When you look and feel your best, you’re going to show up with more confidence and joy, and that’s always the most stylish thing you can wear. 


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