Easy (and Surprisingly Fun!) Ways To Improve Your Body Image with Victoria Yates


The New Year is here! And I know as women, we feel a lot of pressure with the turn of the calendar to set and achieve ambitious goals for the year ahead. Usually, that includes some aspect of our health, whether you want to lose weight or get back into a better fitness routine. Top that off with feelings of guilt and shame over indulging during the holidays or putting our workouts on the back burner due to busyness or illness.

I want to help you shake those heavy burdens and let go of all the “shoulds” you think you need to carry into this new season. In this episode, we’re tackling all things body image so you can start healing your relationship with your clothing size, and the way you eat, and even how you talk to and treat yourself.

And I brought in an incredible expert to guide us through this conversation. I’m pleased to introduce you to our very first guest on HER Style Podcast, Victoria Yates. Victoria is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, & Intuitive Eating Counselor and she’s passionate about helping high-achieving women eat healthy without dieting & stop hating their bodies. I can’t wait for you to hear all of the amazing advice she has to share around making this year your most empowered and freeing yet.

On this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why being self-critical is the fastest way to stop your growth ─and how to break this vicious cycle
  • What intuitive eating actually is and why it’s the best approach to finding freedom from food and dieting
  • The advice Victoria would give any woman who’s feeling pressure to “better herself” in the New Year
  • How to navigate the balance between wanting to set and achieve healthy weight goals and also accepting ourselves as we are
  • Whether you should reach your goal weight before or after you makeover your wardrobe and why (hint: this one might surprise you!)
  • An insanely easy first step to get started with intuitive eating TODAY

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