Which Fall 2022 Trend Colors You Should Buy Now

All runway images sourced from Vogue.com

I don’t know where summer went but here we are, about to enter a new season of sweater weather, PSL’s, and all the beauty fall has to offer. Because color is one of the most defining elements of your wardrobe, I want to set your autumn wardrobe up for excellence. Let’s break down the top fall 2022 color trends and figure out which you should drop everything and buy RIGHT NOW based on your skin tone.

To start, there are three basic color temperatures: warm, neutral, and cool. The best way to figure out your overall skin tone temp is to take a look at your jewelry collection. Do you gravitate toward cool silver metals, neutral rose golds and mixed metals, or warm yellow golds? If you want to dive deeper, evaluate whether your skin tone, hair, and eye colors are warm (think red, orange, and yellow tones), cool (green, blue, or violet based), or neutral (a combination of the two). 

I know this can be a challenging aspect to figure out on your own! Ultimately, think about which colors in your wardrobe usually bring you the most compliments and trust your instincts. Most of my clients have a better innate sense of color than they realize. Go with your gut for now. Odds are, you’re probably right. You can also take a look at the models below to get a sense of where you might fall.

And remember, not only do you want to pick colors that bring out your best, you need to feel confident when you put them on. So if a color doesn’t suit your personal style, don’t force yourself into it just because it works with your skin tone.

If you have a cool, pink-based skin tone, you’ll look best in the following fall 2022 trend colors: Barbiecore pink, baby pink, ocean blue, teal, very peri (Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year), royal purple, dark gray, and cool toned pastels.

Here are some cool toned outfits straight off the Fall 2022 runways to inspire you!

Baby Pink







Likewise, neutral pink-peach and olive skin tones look incredible in neutral-based color trends including ocean blue, teal, very peri, off-white, baby pink, fire red, and neutral pastels. Because your complexion falls in the middle range, you can most easily get away with a variety of colors leaning towards both warm and cool. So don’t feel limited here.

Here’s some additional inspiration for the neutral fall color palette including off-white and fire red.



Warm peach and golden skin tones will look best wearing warm hues including Pantone’s lime punch, vanilla latte beige, marigold, caramel, burnt orange, autumnal brown, and warm pastels.

Look no further for all the warm fall 2022 color trend inspiration you need to up-level your closet this season…







There you have it! You’re fully equipped to start shopping for your most flattering fall 2022 trend colors.

If you’re looking for even more personalized recommendations, I invite you to head here next to find out how we can work together one-on-one and ensure you’re wearing only your best colors, every single season and day of the year.

And finally, if you loved this article, be sure to share it with your fashion-loving friends so you can all look your best in the cool autumn months ahead!

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