How To Shop If You Hate The Current Trends

Fall fashion is in full swing. But what’s a girl to do if you hate what’s currently trending? I’ve heard complaints from many clients and friends over the past year that the boxy, crop top craze is anything but flattering to their figures. The wide leg movement burst all of our bubbles (“our” meaning those of us born pre-1997) after years of stocking up on the perfect skinny jeans. Maybe you feel like you’ve “aged out” of looking current when, at first glance, the latest styles cater to a much younger generation.

Friend, I promise you this isn’t so. You can look fashionable at every single age in any season, no matter what the trends dictate. Keep reading as I explain exactly what to do and how to shop if you hate the current trends. 

First and foremost, don’t despair.

Remember that fashion is cyclical.

What’s “out” today might be back “in” tomorrow. So if your personal preferences and current wardrobe seem to be going against the grain, keep the perspective that it’s only temporary. You’re not doomed to feel dated forever. Hold onto the pieces you love, wear them anyway, and give them time to start trending again.

Your signature style matters most.

Please DO NOT subject yourself to trends that don’t work for your features or align with the image you want to project. Being true to your signature style is way more important than desperately chasing trends. Plus, your confidence will skyrocket when your outfits feel authentic rather than forced. 

There’s always something for everyone.

Did you know my average seasonal trend report includes 35-40 different styles to choose from? Even though you may be seeing one played out fad popping up over and over on your TikTok and Instagram feeds, there are endless options to explore. Don’t give up on adding a few fresh pieces to your wardrobe because of one oversaturated trend you hate

Pinpoint what works for you.

Before you start shopping in a given season, take a pulse on what’s currently working for you. Are you familiar with your best colors? Do you understand which silhouettes are most flattering to your inherent body shape and proportions? Have you dialed-in your signature look?

Once you’re clear on what works for you in these three areas ─style, color, and fit─ shopping becomes a million times easier.

Use these style foundations to carefully pick and choose which, if any, trends are speaking to you. Maybe “punk prep” isn’t your speed, but you could get down with a cozy mohair sweater. You might detest the bold, 80s inspired color trends as of late, but perhaps you could adopt an equally current, yet way more modest, hue like caramel or baby pink?

Don’t browse, hunt. 

Your preferred styles might not be as prevalent this season. That doesn’t mean they can’t be found. There are over 2.1 million online retailers in the United States alone. So odds are, you just need to dig a little deeper. Here’s how.

Take control and don’t leave your next shopping spree outcome up to chance. Set aside some time to map out your ideal capsule wardrobe for the season. Complete a quick closet audit to discover what you have and what’s MIA. Start a list of the items you need most and be as specific as possible. If you could use a pair of chocolate brown loafers to coordinate with your favorite plaid skirt suit, jot them down. Then take your list to the wonderful world wide web and search for exactly what you want. Google, Pinterest, and even Poshmark or Amazon are great places to start. 

Do your (designer) homework.

Maybe all your local Target has in the denim department is a handful of baggy jeans that do nothing for your shape. Does that mean you throw in the towel? No way! You simply need to do a bit of research to find a few brands and stores that carry the looks you love.

If your usual spots are starting to feel younger and younger or no longer suit your style, it’s time to move on. Avoid fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21 at all costs, as they cater to the current fads. Instead, ask your best dressed friends for recommendations, do a quick Reddit search, see where your favorite influencers are shopping these days, or check out the latest boutiques in your area. 

Most fun assignment EVER? I’d say so. 

And remember, secondhand shops can be a goldmine of treasures from seasons past. 

Prioritize accessories.

If your closet is complete with pieces you love and wear frequently, maybe you just need to freshen things up with a few new accessories. The best thing about handbags, jewelry, and other outfit accents are that they’re typically one-size-fits-all. And they can make a world of difference when it comes to taking a look from average to enviable. 

Stop stressing over hemlines and seek out a great statement bag, a new shoe style, or an everyday accessory to elevate your wardrobe this season. Perhaps you style your skinny jeans with an of-the-moment over-the-knee boot or beautiful ballet flat (two of the hottest fall 2022 footwear trends).  The options are literally endless.

Reinvent the wheel.

Yes, you read that right. I want you to reinvent the wheel. Because if you’ve tried ALL of the above tips and still can’t find any new pieces you’re excited to add into your repertoire, you’ll have to rework what you have.

Block out an afternoon to shop… in your own closet. Try pieces on one at a time and challenge yourself to find creative ways to style them. You can mix prints, create new outfit combinations, and have fun pairing colors like you never did before. This absolutely requires stepping outside your comfort zone. But my clients are always surprised to find how many unique looks they have in their wardrobes once they look start looking at them with a fresh lens.

Alright, friend. I need to know. Which of these tips are you going to try first?

Do you need to go back to the basics and pinpoint what actually works best for you? Will you start an online search for more specific items on your wishlist, seek out some new brands and stores to browse, or freshen things up with a trendy accessory instead? Remember, when all else fails, you probably have a lot of pretty great pieces to work with in your existing wardrobe.

Let me know your next step. And if you’d like to know how you can work with me 1:1 to revamp your wardrobe this season, click here to learn more. I’d be honored to help you eliminate these unnecessary headaches and finally curate a closet you love.

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