How I Transformed My Style Without Spending $1 On New Clothes

Did you know my husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for over 6 years?

In that time of thinking a baby might not be in the cards for us, I got really good at living my best life. I went on a self-growth and continuing education spree, curated an amazing closet, traveled a ton, worked hard, and did what I wanted when I wanted.

In 2018, we received our greatest miracle yet. Our sweet son, Grey, was born. And EVERYTHING changed.

I became consumed with motherhood and keeping this tiny human alive. We struggled with nursing, sleeping, and other first-time parent challenges. I was over-the-moon and beyond grateful to finally be a mother. But that didn’t fix the sleep deprivation OR loss of self.

My body was completely different. There was zero structure to my day. I quickly fell to the bottom rung of the ladder.

My beautiful closet full of work wear and date night outfits (many of which were dry clean only – – what was I thinking?!) no longer fit my new lifestyle.

I was no longer working and making my own money to invest in the right clothes for my needs.

I gave up on trying to flatter my mom bod. 

I didn’t even know what my style was anymore. So I tried to copy what I saw other fashionable moms wearing on Instagram and Pinterest. Bad idea. 😳

For TWO years, I didn’t feel like myself At. All.

Can you relate? Maybe you’re going through a similar transition in your life right now. A new baby. Different job. Decade of life. Wildly different day-to-day routine. If nothing else, I’m sure COVID has rocked your world in some way.

Friend, the struggle of having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear is REAL. It’s also totally normal.

We all face periods of uncertainty, transition, feeling stuck, or unlike ourselves. Yesterday’s wardrobe might not be working today. That’s the situation I found myself in just a few short months ago. And remember, I’m a professionally TRAINED image consultant and personal style coach!

So I know firsthand how easy it is to fall into a rut.

These things happen. It’s not the end of the world.

My BIGGEST mistake was actually starting to think my days of feeling stylish and pulled together were gone for good.

I fell so far into a pit of (style) despair I forgot the thing I’ve been preaching to my clients for years. That it’s never too late and it is possible for every single woman to love her body, learn to dress it well, and feel confident in whatever she wears.

Thankfully, I decided I didn’t want to give up – on myself OR other women like me who are stuck in the same boat. I knew I had to go back to the basics. I had to forget everything I thought I knew about my personal style and start over.

And I did.

I’ve reclaimed my confidence, honed in on a signature style that feels totally me, discovered what actually works to flatter my 36-year-old figure, and gotten clear on exactly what I need to feel effortlessly well dressed for every event on my calendar, every single day of the week…

… without purchasing a single new thing for my wardrobe.

How did I do it? How did I transform my entire style and self-image with a wild and crazy toddler at home and zero dollars in my shopping budget?

  1. I pinpointed a new signature style:

Before I had my son, my style was equal parts stilettos and statement jewelry. In order to begin curating a wardrobe that would not only feel like ME but also work for this new season of life (accommodating sticky almond butter fingers and chasing an adorable toddler around the backyard), I had to take a closer look at my current needs and preferences.

2. I reconnected with my best colors:

In the haze of motherhood, I spent time trying to copy what I saw other fashionable moms wearing. I bought tons of basic beige tops and black pants and maxi dresses. There’s nothing cooler than a chic mom in neutrals, right?


While these hues might look amazing on some, they are NOT right for my personality or coloring. After realizing I’d started curating a vanilla closet when my taste is far more dark chocolate chip espresso, I pressed pause and picked up the personal color palette one of my mentors gave me back in 2007. With a little updating courtesy of my new and improved Virtual Personal Color Analysis system, I fell in love with MY best colors all over again. And in my book, there’s nothing cooler than wearing what works for YOU.

3. I learned how to flatter my post-baby body:

After having my son, my body changed. Instead of throwing in the towel, I decided what I wanted to set goals to work on and what I wanted to love and embrace as is. Then, I walked myself through a figure analysis (just as I would do for a client) and pinpointed all the ways to flatter my new curves.

With these foundations in place, I was able to:

  • de-clutter my closet and get rid of things that no longer served me
  • style what I already owned in vastly better ways
  • compile a streamlined list of exactly what I need as my shopping budget allows
  • and finally, finally feel confident again

Keep in mind, I achieved all of this without spending $1 on new clothes.

And the best part?

This is possible for you, too.

If you’re ready to start transforming your self-image, along with your style, I invite you to join me inside my Wardrobe Refresh Program. It’s a complete self-study course designed to help you curate a closet you love and reclaim your confidence!

This program will teach you my proven strategies for a lifetime of effortless style, no matter your evolving calendar, clothing size, or budget.

Click here to explore all the details and start transforming your style on your own budget, timeframe, and terms. I can’t wait to see you inside!

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