The Most Flattering and Comfortable Pant Options You Need To Know About


So… How are you feeling about shopping for pants these days? If you’re anything like my client, Mariel, it might be a struggle. You want the comfort of leggings but the polished look of dress pants. You need to find the right rise to flatter your midsection and the perfect inseam to work with all the shoes in your closet. There are SO many choices, you might be in a state of analysis paralysis when it comes to purchasing pants.

Well, friend, I’m here for you. In today’s Q&A Thursday episode, I’m sharing a round-up of the BEST options for pants that are as comfy as they are flattering. Slip into these suggestions for all your activities —from errands to long travel days to the boardroom and everywhere in between. 

It’s time to dress your lower half with confidence and ease. Let’s eliminate the guesswork and get to shopping!   

Look For Pants With Stretch

To maximize comfort, look for dress pants with a stretch fabric. Ponte knit is an excellent choice as they will be firmer than leggings and offer more coverage while still providing stretch and comfort. Here are a few highly recommended options to kickstart your search:

Try Joggers or Utility Pants

Joggers or utility pants are a great option for comfort and can be easily dressed up or down with heels or trainers. Explore these options to see what fits your style and body best:

Elastic Waist Pants

Elastic waist pants are a perfect pick for at-home and travel comfort. Providing a more structured fit and fabric, they also work better with short tops than leggings.

Hemming Is Key

The easiest style to wear with any shoe is going to be a slightly cropped or ankle-length skinny, straight, or bootcut style pant. When you find a style you love, consider buying 2 pair: one hemmed for flats and the other to your preferred heel height.

There you go, my friend!

Happy to provide you with a few quick and easy styles and brands to explore for comfortable, yet flattering pants. Before we wrap up, I also want to point you back to episode 31: The Definitive Guide To Finding Your Perfect Pair of Jeans. You can implement the same tips to choosing any type of pant. We reviewed silhouettes like bootcut, flare, and wide leg and this insight is going to be helpful to you when choosing trousers that are both comfortable and flattering as well.

I hope these suggestions help you add a few flattering and comfortable pants to your collection so you can feel just as confident dressing your lower half. I’d love to know what you end up trying and loving! 

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