The Definitive Guide To Finding Your Perfect Pair of Jeans


Get ready to do your happy dance, my friend. Because I’m handing over all the strategy you need to solve one of the TOP wardrobe challenges we all face as women: buying the perfect pair of jeans.

In this episode, I’m breaking down the differences between every rise, fit, and silhouette. Anyone else’s head spinning from all the options? We’ve got boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, second cousin… Just kidding about that last one! 😆

But I’m going to help you navigate the best features for your unique body type, share some expert tips on fabric, color, and sizing, reveal a few of the most popular brands you might want to explore for yourself, and how to shop (with less stress) for the jeans of your dreams.

This is the definitive guide to finding your perfect pair of denim. Let’s dive in!

All About the Rise

High Rise: Sits above your natural waist.

Mid Rise: Sits in line with or just below your belly button.

Low Rise: Sits low, closer to your hips.

Choose the right rise for you based on your body’s proportions:

Find Your Best Fit

Slim: This style of jean offers a tight fit all over, including through the waist, hips, thighs, legs, and ankles.

Regular: A traditional choice, regular fit jeans are the Goldilocks of denim: not too tight, not too loose.

Relaxed: This option offers a comfortable, loose fit from your hips to your legs.

Loose: Very similar to relaxed styles, this description will give you a bit more room in the legs.

Curvy: Designed for hourglass figures, this style features extra room in the hips and thighs along with a contoured waistband to accommodate your curves without gaping at the back.

Denim Style Glossary

Super Skinny: Tight on the leg from your waist to ankle

Skinny: Hugs the leg from the waist to ankle

Straight: Straight and narrow from your hip to ankle

Stovepipe: Straight with a slimmer leg opening

Tapered: Straight with a tighter fit at the ankle

Bootcut: Universally flattering with a slight flare below the knee

Flare: An exaggerated bootcut

Wide Leg: Baggy jeans with a loose fit through the leg

Mom: Old-fashioned high-waisted jeans with a loose fit at the hips and crotch

Boyfriend: Loose, boxy fit to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans

Girlfriend: More feminine, fitted version of a boyfriend jean, which sits higher on the hips and has a slim, straight leg

The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

Triangle: Straight, bootcut, and wide leg elongate the leg are perfect fits for your shape. Opt for a high-rise to draw the eye up to your defined waist and away from your hips.

Inverted Triangle: Add volume to your lower half with a light wash flare, boyfriend, or wide leg silhouette.

Rectangle: Add curvature to your naturally straight silhouette with a bootcut, flare, or wide leg style.

Hourglass: Any style works well on this body type. Just be sure to keep your silhouette balanced, meaning the width of your shoulder stays comparable to the width of your hips. Try a curvy fit if you have a fuller figure.

Oval: If your legs are slim, opt for skinny, straight, and girlfriend styles and stick to a mid or high-rise.

There’s so much more packed into this episode of HER Style Podcast! Be sure to give the audio a listen for even more tips and tricks, fan favorite brand recommendations, shopping advice and all the juicy details you need to finally find your perfect pair of jeans. I’m rooting for you!


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