Celebrating 50 Episodes and Sharing the Mission Behind HER Style Podcast


Oh my goodness, friend… I can’t believe this is episode number FIFTY of HER Style Podcast! It still feels like we just launched this show yesterday. But here we are, 8 months and 50 episodes later.

It means the absolute world to me that you’re here, sending in amazing questions for me to answer each week, and sharing the show with your friends. And I wanted to do something special today to thank you. So it’s GIVEAWAY time! 🎉

I’m going to tell you how to enter in just a bit and I’m also going to dive into the why behind HER Style Podcast. I want to share the mission behind the business, how my approach to style and shopping goes against the grain of what you’re hearing from everyone else, and what I have in store for you next!

50th Episode Giveaway

As I said, I want to thank (and spoil!) you for being part of the HER Style community. So here’s what one (1) lucky person will win in my very first giveaway:

45-Minute Wardrobe Strategy Session ($247 value)

We’ll connect 1:1 via Zoom to solve your biggest wardrobe challenges so you can start confidently building a wardrobe you LOVE. You can use this time with me any way you want, whether you need help picking an outfit for an upcoming event, figuring out where to shop, solving a challenge with finding clothes that fit you well, or getting guidance on your best colors. Let’s tackle it together, friend.

Plus, a $50 Gift Card to Your Favorite Online Store

I’ll also gift you with a $50 gift card to the online retail store of your choice, so you can implement what you learn on our call and start shopping right away ─on me!

How To Enter To Win

Step 1: Head over to Apple Podcasts

Step 2: Leave a written review for HER Style Podcast

Step 3: BEFORE you hit “send”, take a screenshot of your review.

Step 4: Share the screenshot of your review on Instagram stories and tag me @heatherriggsstyle

If you don’t tag me, I won’t see it! So make sure you follow all 4 steps!

You can also earn BONUS entries –(up to 1 per day)– by sharing your favorite podcast episodes on Instagram stories and tagging me @heatherriggsstyle.

Entries for the giveaway close this Monday, July 17th @ 11:59pm EST. So you have 5 days to enter!  You can earn up to 5 entries by sharing your review OR your favorite episodes once a day until the giveaway closes.

The winner will be notified personally via Instagram DM and announced in my weekly VIP email on Friday, July 21, 2023.

The Mission Behind HER Style Podcast

Now that we’ve covered all the giveaway details, I want to open up about why I started HER Style Podcast and the mission behind everything that I do.

I think it’s important you know what I stand for as a wife, mother, business owner, and stylist.  Because while my career as an image consultant is fun and rewarding, I have a personal mission to do so much more.

HER Style Coaching Philosophy

I believe fashion, beauty, and style should be fun, relatable, and attainable to everyone.

That’s why I started HER Style Podcast. I want you to be able to start building a wardrobe you love and feeling your best when you get dressed every day even if we never work together. I want you to be able to tune into this show and walk away with practical steps that you can apply immediately no matter your age, your budget, your clothing size, or what’s on your calendar. There’s something here for you. My goal is to help you stop stressing about what to wear and start having FUN putting outfits together. I want you to celebrate your style and I think it’s so important to create a space where fashion feels approachable and relatable. 

Quality > Quantity when it comes to what’s in your wardrobe.

Unlike (most) influencers out there, I want to help you buy LESS. I don’t think you need to spend thousands of dollars and have designer pieces or even get new things every single season in order to look fabulous! A little bit goes a long way and it’s more important to have fewer but better pieces in your closet. So I want to help you STOP impulse shopping and start curating your closet with intention. I’m not about pushing the latest trends or earning a living from getting you to buy more things you probably don’t need.

It’s not my job to make you look more beautiful. It’s my job to help you see how beautiful you already are.

What I love about image consulting is that this industry isn’t about fitting you into a preset mold or trying to turn you into someone you’re not. On the podcast, I’ll show you how to highlight and bring out the best in your inherent beauty. I’ll teach you how to work with your body’s natural shape, proportions, and coloring in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and at ease in your clothing.

I utilize and teach timeless and proven style principles that are designed to work for you no matter your evolving calendar, clothing size, or cash flow.

The Foundations of Style are timeless. I’ve been using these techniques successfully with my private clients for over 15 years. What I love about this is that once you learn this information once, whether here on the podcast or inside my program, you can reapply it over and over, season after season, forever. I don’t share anything I haven’t tested and proven to work on myself or my clients and students. 

All that I do, create, and deliver is with the intent to give you a personalized and unparalleled experience.

I won’t give you cookie-cutter guides and generic advice or try to make you my carbon copy. I want to celebrate your uniqueness and help you refine your personal style with a completely customized approach based on your one-of-a-kind needs and goals. I don’t want you to adopt my style… I don’t even care whether you like my style, because it’s not about ME at all. It’s about YOU and figuring out what you like and what makes you feel your very best. I want to help you take control and narrate an accurate story about who you are through the way you show up.

What You Can Expect From Me, Always

My professional expertise and personal experience are female-centric. I do cater to women, because that’s who I’ve worked with for over a decade now. That said, there is an open-door policy here and everyone has a seat at the table. So I will happily serve you in this safe space NO MATTER your gender, sexual orientation, race, age, social status, religion, political affiliation, or any other demographic distinction. You are welcome inside HER Style community!

Now, I’m also open about my faith as a Christian and I’ve gotten some criticism for that. But I’m going to be 100% authentic with you on this show, always. And from time to time, I might share relevant information about my spiritual journey with you here. One example is episode #25 where I shared about the ONE book that changed my entire style philosophy, which was written by a pastor. But the principles I shared are relevant to anyone, no matter your religious affiliation.

I’m equally overjoyed to work with you whether you share my beliefs or not. I’m not here to push my faith onto anyone. The way this really comes into play in my business is that I care about human rights, I strive to fulfill Christ’s command to love one another as he loved us (John 13:34), and I want to do my part in sharing about some of the dangers of fast fashion and the effects it has on the environment, on workers around the world, and so on. 

How HER Style Is Making a Difference

I believe we have a responsibility to care for one another and our planet. For the past 3 years, I’ve partnered with Eden, in donating 10% of HER Style profits to this remarkable organization, which is committed to end sex trafficking throughout Asia. 

This is a cause I’m deeply passionate about and I love what Eden does to reach, rescue, and restore women out of trauma and walk alongside them into a life full of dignity and hope.

On the surface, my business is fun and lighthearted and I intend to keep it that way. I love empowering you to play with color, style, and beauty and to embrace and celebrate who you are from the inside out. I think we could all use a lot more confidence, creativity, and JOY in our lives. One simple, but profound way we can do that is through our style and how we show up, and the impression and impact we make on others.

I’m cheering you on and excited to bring you the next 50 episodes and beyond!


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