6 Risk-Free Ways To Add More Color Into Your Closet


Let me ask you something, my friend. Is your wardrobe a sea of black? Have you been playing it safe with neutrals? Do you want to add more color into your wardrobe, but feel unsure about which ones to wear?

I’m here to boost your color confidence. And in today’s episode, I’m sharing 6 risk-free ways to add more color into your closet so you can feel inspired again and have some fun when getting dressed! I’m going to eliminate all the guesswork so you can show up looking your best in colors that compliment you and work with your existing wardrobe.

It’s time to expand your color palette beyond boring beige and start commanding attention when you walk in the room. You won’t believe how EASY this is!

1. Start with the 7 universally flattering colors

There are 7 universally flattering colors you can wear with complete confidence — no matter your skin tone, hair color, or personal color palette.  So these are a foolproof place to start if you want to safely add some new hues into your collection. In no particular order, they are:

  • Eggplant
  • Deep teal
  • Blush pink
  • True red* 
  • Navy
  • Oatmeal
  • Rose gold

*Now, just a quick note on one of them before we move on. True red has a tendency to be overpowering.  If you have fair skin with light features and hair, I highly recommend wearing makeup with this bold hue.  A pop of color on your lips or a smokey eye will help keep you from getting completely lost in the shadows.

2. Determine your ideal color qualities

This is something I teach inside the Wardrobe Refresh Program. There are 7 qualities of color and it’s insanely helpful to figure out which are right for you.

#1 – Pure Pigment: In basic terms, think of the color wheel or standard (“Roy G. Biv”) rainbow you learned way back in preschool or kindergarten. These include red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange… you get the idea! And they’re the starting point for all of the other color qualities to follow.

#2 – Tinted: Tinted colors (or pastels) are pure pigment hues with white added to them.

#3 – Muted with Gray: Just as it sounds, these are pure pigment colors with gray added to give them a very neutral, almost murky quality.

#4 – Muted with Compliments: Also known as jewel tone colors, this is when a pure color ─let’s say blue, for example─ has been altered by adding its complimentary color or the color directly opposite on the color wheel. In continuing with this example, the complement to blue is orange. As a quick hint, this is the most universally flattering color quality. So when in doubt, it’s a fairly safe bet to let your wardrobe land in this color camp.

#5 – Toasted: This is the earth tone family characterized by pure pigment colors that have been muted with brown.

#6 – Shaded: We refer to colors as “shades” all the time, but this term is truly reserved for pure pigment colors that have been darkened with black.

#7 – Neons: Neons are not a natural color quality and aren’t seen on most color wheels. In fact, the term “neon” didn’t even exist until 1898! But with neons leading the color trends as of late, let’s not rule them out. My clients generally love them or hate them, but the bottom line is it’s important to figure out whether they’re a good fit for you.

Once you know which color qualities look best on you, you can start gearing your wardrobe that way, you’ll find it so much easier to mix and match what you own, and you’ll be able to step out in complete confidence (and start hearing way more compliments!)

3. Consider color psychology and what reflects your personality

If you’re in the mood to spice up your wardrobe and start experimenting with new colors, consider what represents your personality. If you want to add some color into your workwear, why not add a powerful red or a trustworthy blue? If you want all eyes on you at your next networking event, try a playful hot pink or joyful canary yellow. If you want to have a calming presence, consider opting for soft aqua or a delicate lavender instead. 

Color tells a story about who you are so it’s important to be authentic in the colors you choose and make sure they suit not only your personal coloring but your personality as well.

4. Adopt a seasonal color trend

I love keeping up with the latest color trends! And while I don’t wear them all –they’ve been pretty wild lately– it’s inspiring to see what’s out there and embrace new options with the change of seasons. If you’ve been wanting to try something new and you don’t know where to start, look up the latest color trends and see what catches your eye.

Again, make conscious choices. Don’t just try to fit in with the crowd. Building a wardrobe you love is all about shopping with intentionality! So pick one or two trend colors each season based on what’s in your existing closet, what looks most flattering on you, and what aligns with your personal style and how you want to show up. 

Several colors that are still trending now include Barbiecore and ballet pink, sky and ocean blues, lavender, lime green, true red, and vanilla latte beige.

5. Experiment with a small dose

One of the SAFEST ways to add new colors into your wardrobe is by starting small. Add a little pop with an accessory, like a handbag or a piece of jewelry, or in a print mixed with other colors you love and look good on you. I believe you can wear any color well by trying this trick! Just use a tiny dose and, if your intuition tells you it isn’t a great color for you but you still love it and want to bring it into your closet, wear it farther away from your face. Find it in a shoe or a print on a skirt or even apply it as a nail polish! 

I also wouldn’t invest too much in a color you’re not 100% sure about. So don’t be afraid to pick up a cheap piece of costume jewelry or a clearance item if you simply want to take a bold new color for a test drive. You can still get tons of compliments and no one has to know how little you actually spent!

6. Shop with your Personal Color Palette

If you don’t have a Personal Color Palette, let me tell you what it is and why you need it. And you know I don’t say NEED very often. I actually believe there’s very little we “need” in our wardrobes and unlike all of the style influencers out there, my goal is to help you buy LESS. So when I recommend something for you, it’s with very good reason.

I hand-select a unique family of colors that compliment one another and cover everything from your best neutrals to dramatics, whites to reds, makeup to metals, and everything in between.

You’ll receive a personalized PDF Color Palette Guide that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to make the most of your palette. You’ll discover the psychology behind your colors, the best items to stock up on in each one, which colors to wear when –from date nights to client meetings– and so much more.

Instead of feeling boxed in, your color possibilities and confidence will explode as you get inspired by a private Pinterest Color Storyboard with curated images that capture the mood of your hues and give you endless ideas on how to mix and match them while adding even more options in! (Hint: if a new color blends seamlessly with your storyboard, it’s likely to look great on you, too.)

If you want to FINALLY discover your best colors and everything you truly need to know to wear them with confidence, click here to order a customized Personal Color Palette of your 35 best hand-selected hues for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, interior design, and personal branding.


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