7 Styling Tricks That Will Elongate Your Legs and Make You Look Taller


Today’s topic is SO GOOD! And it’s in response to a question submitted by our friend, Kristina, who requested some simple styling tricks to elongate her legs and make her look taller.

As always, I am thrilled to solve your everyday style challenges and address the topics you want to hear on the show. So in this episode, I’m sharing 7 quick and easy ways to lengthen those gorgeous gams of yours and put together flattering outfits to help you appear taller. The best news? You don’t need to go out and buy anything new! You can implement these ideas with pieces you already have in your existing wardrobe.

If you’re a tall girl or you have super long legs and you want to balance your proportions or find ways to look shorter, don’t skip this episode!! You can apply these tips in reverse.

So either way, there’s a lot of gold to be found inside this episode. Let’s dive in and explore how to look taller (or shorter!) with 7 simple styling tricks.

1. Wear short sleeves or push them up

2. Pair a cropped jacket with long pants or a maxi skirt

3. Style a long jacket or duster with shorts or a mini skirt

4. Try high-waisted pants

5. Wear monochromatic (one color) outfits

6. Match your shoe color with your bottoms

7. Stick to pointed-toe shoes

BONUS: Avoid these common styling mistakes that are making you look shorter

Medium to hip-length blazers and cardigans have a tendency to make legs appear shorter. I suggest sticking with cropped or floor-length toppers to play it safe.

Keep your outfits simple and streamlined on your lower half. Avoid layers, horizontal prints, cropped pants, midi skirts, ankle boots and straps, and asymmetrical hemlines that break up the space.

Unless you have a Creative or Dramatic style, stick to fitted pieces and skip oversized items that overwhelm your petite frame. Remember, the goal is to create a nice, long line from head-to-toe.

Don’t cut your body in half proportionally! Keep in mind the Golden Mean and work to create a 2:3 or 3:5 ratio with your outfits for a slimmer and elongated silhouette.

I hope this has been so helpful, my friend! These 7 styling tricks are sure to give you the added height you crave and couldn’t be easier to apply with pieces in your existing wardrobe! Let me know in the comments which you plan to try first.


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