A Candid Conversation About What It’s REALLY Like To Work With a Personal Stylist


Think personal stylists are only for millionaires and celebrities? Think again!

Inside this candid conversation with my long time client, Mariel, we talk openly about how she reclaimed her confidence, what it’s really like to work with an image consultant, and how her entire wardrobe outlook changed in only 2 sessions with me. 

I can’t wait for you to hear about Mariel’s experience and to open up a new possibility that this level of support with your wardrobe and style might be for you, too!

On this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why my client, Mariel, reached out to work with me and the common shopping struggle we eliminated right out of the gate
  • How Mariel used her Personal Color Palette to choose unexpected accessories like eyewear, an engagement ring, and her very first tattoo!
  • What it’s REALLY like to work with a personal stylist and the profound difference from how it’s portrayed on television
  • How we were able to transform her entire wardrobe outlook in just 2 sessions together
  • What Mariel wants you to know about hiring a stylist and how to look at the investment

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