21 Layering Pieces To Help You Survive Seasonal Transitions


Today’s Q&A Thursday question comes from our friend, Brie. She asked for some help with dressing during changes in weather, expanding beyond basic cardigans, and how to layer up without looking frumpy. This is the perfect time of year to cover this common challenge, as we’re currently heading from spring into summer, preparing for chilly evening strolls, and people blasting the A/C in the office! I think you’ll be able to turn back to this article again and again.

So let’s dive in and explore 21 layering pieces to help you survive seasonal transitions. And make sure you stick around until the end, because I’m also going to give you a few quick tips to avoid feeling frumpy and better define your figure even when you’re all bundled up.

First, let’s expand your possibilities and start thinking beyond basic cardigans. Here are 21 other layering pieces you might want to play around with:

1. Blazer

2. Motorcycle Jacket

3. Racer Jacket

4. Denim Jacket

5. Utility Jacket

6. Varsity Jacket

7. Bomber Jacket

8. Shacket

9. Overshirt

10. Coatigan

11. Duster Cardigan

12. Cardigan

13. Belted or Tie-Front Cardigan

14. Sweater

15. Sweatshirt or Hoodie

16. Zip-Up Hoodie

17. Cape

18. Shrug

19. Scarf or Shawl

20. Robe or Open-Front Kimono

21. Puffer or (Faux) Fur Vest

How To Avoid Feeling Frumpy In Oversized Clothing or Layers

There’s a simple secret to giving your body a defined shape and avoid feeling frumpy in oversized clothing or layered looks. All you need to do is expose at least 2 of the following 4 areas:

Your collarbone: Avoid high or turtleneck tops when the rest of your look is on the baggy side

Your wrists: To do this, simply push up long sleeves or opt for a short or 3/4 sleeve top

Your waist: Define your waist by adding a belt to an oversized sweater or loose top

Your ankles: If you’re going with a boxy look up top, keep your lower half streamlined by opting for a simple skirt, a cropped jean, or a cigarette pant that shows off your ankles

There’s so much more packed into this episode of HER Style Podcast! Be sure to give the audio a listen for even more tips and tricks to layer with effortless style!


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