How Infertility and Motherhood Rocked My World and Reshaped My Wardrobe


Hey friend. Let’s talk about why you might be feeling frustrated with your wardrobe right now.

One of the common themes I see in the women I work with is that they’ve gone through some kind of life change – graduation, marriage, a new job, relocation, having a baby, sending their (now adult) babies out into the world and finding themselves with an empty nest –WITHOUT reevaluating what’s in their closets.

As much as I wish I could say that once you refresh your wardrobe, you can set it and forget it, we have different needs in all the different seasons of our lives. If you’re evolving while your clothing and accessories are staying the same, nine times out of ten, you’re going to end up with a mismatch.

In this episode, I share more of my own journey with you, including two of the most significant changes in my life: going through a 6-year infertility struggle with my husband + the birth of our son in 2018. I’ll share how my wardrobe shifted from one situation to the next AND why I’m getting ready to tackle another wardrobe refresh right now.

Listen in for the most personal HER Style Podcast episode yet.

On this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How my 6+ year infertility struggle impacted my mindset AND my wardrobe ─and what I did to get through it
  • Why the unexpected miracle of motherhood rocked my world and reshaped my style in ways I couldn’t have imagined
  • How I redesigned my wardrobe postpartum; PLUS why I’m ready for another refresh right now
  • Exactly when to reevaluate your personal style so you can be proactive in avoiding the dreaded wardrobe rut
  • What steps to take today if you’re struggling with confidence and feeling frustrated about what’s in your closet

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