5 Tips For Flawless Accessorizing


Whether you gravitate toward minimalist style, love to look extra, or fall somewhere in between, we likely agree that accessories can make or break an outfit.

But how much is too much? Is it okay to mix metals? Do I need to match my handbag to my belt and shoes? I hear questions like these all the time. So in this episode, I’m excited to share 5 tips to help you accessorize flawlessly!

You can stop second guessing yourself, my friend. We’re about to have some fun with our finishing touches. 

#1Temperature Check

For the perfect jewelry and metallic accents (ex. belt buckles, handbag details) connect your accessories to your personal color temperature. 

If you have warm coloring, you’ll find you look best in yellow gold, bronze, and copper metals. Cool complexions tend to shine in silver, titanium, and iridescent accessories. If you’re somewhere in the middle ─or want to play it safe─ opt for neutrals like champagne, rose gold, and mixed metals.

#2 ─ Balance the Scale

When choosing your ideal accessories, it’s best to balance them with the scale of your bone structure. Hint: this is NOT the same as your weight or clothing size. 

Instead, consider your height along with the width of your wrists and ankles. If you have a petite frame and delicate features, lean toward smaller scale details and accessories that won’t weigh you down. On the contrary, if you have a tall frame and/or large bone structure, consider more substantial elements that won’t get lost in your look.  

An exception to this is if you have a dramatic signature style and want to exaggerate your look with oversized accents. If so, this can be a very strategic way to stand out!

#3 ─ Match Your Facial Expression

You’ve likely heard that your best accessory is a smile. And although I believe this to be true, it’s not where I’m going with the “Facial Expression” theme. 😉

What I mean by this is there’s power in repeating the shapes, line, movement, and direction of your facial features in your accessories. If your eyes, nose, and lips are made up of primarily curved lines, choose jewelry (and prints!) with rounded edges. If your features are sharp and straight, let your accents be likewise. 

Almond-shaped eyes pop alongside teardrop earrings. Rounded lips look great with round glasses. Strong, large-scale features pair well with equally bold accessories. You get the idea.

Repetition brings a beautiful harmony between your inherent beauty and the elements of your outfit. So remember to work with what you’ve got!

#4 ─ Cast the Main Character

There’s a reason most movies and books have ONE main character. We all love a hero’s journey. Writers want you to connect with a central point of view. Directors can more richly develop a person or storyline when they’re not jumping around from plot to plot. 

I mean, how much easier is it to follow a film like Top Gun than Pulp Fiction? Or how much more you root for Renée Zellweger’s title character in Bridget Jones’s Diary than the ensemble cast of He’s Just Not That Into You?

Think of your accessories in the same way. You want to choose one star element to take center stage. Ideally, you can use this key accessory to highlight a favorite physical feature or area of your outfit. 

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. And if you have a creative or dramatic personal style, you might be able to pull off more layered, accessory-heavy looks. Whatever you do, be intentional about it.

#5 ─ Stick To Your Style

I can give you all the tips in the world, but at the end of the day, your wardrobe should always feel like an authentic representation of who you are on the inside. No matter what advice you might incorporate above, don’t be more influenced by anyone’s tastes or opinions than your own!

My goal is for you to consciously curate a closet you LOVE. That begins and ends with embracing your unique signature style. If you haven’t taken my free personal style quiz yet, you can do that right here and get all the insight you need. 

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can explore the accessory examples I compiled for each style type to get more inspiration about what might complete your closet. 

Alright, girl, let’s wrap this one up! To quickly recap, here are the 5 tips for flawless accessorizing one more time:

  1. Take a temperature check
  2. Balance the scale
  3. Match your facial expression 
  4. Cast the main character
  5. Stick to your style

I hope you feel as excited as I am to make more intentional accessory choices the next time you get dressed. Let me know which of these tips you’re going to implement first!


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