6 Shopping Hacks To Find Your Best Color Options For Clothing, Cosmetics, and Interior Design

Did you know you make somewhere in the ballpark of 35,000 (remotely conscious) decisions every single day? If I can help make even ONE of those choices for you a no-brainer, I’m here for it. Given my expertise, let’s start by simplifying the process of picking the right colors for your clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and interior design. Okay, that actually sounds like way more than one choice. You game?

I hope so. Because today, I’m demonstrating 6 shopping hacks to find your best colors using my #1 favorite resource: your own Personal Color Palette.

Before we get into all of the amazing ways you can use your personal color palette, we need to talk about what that even is and how it’s going to change your life ╴or at the very least, the way you make decisions about shopping and getting dressed. 

Whether you’re consciously cultivating your personal style or not, what you wear and how you present yourself is telling people, in the blink of an eye, a whole lot about who you are. Up to 90% of someone’s gut reaction about you is based on COLOR ALONE. Think of the massive impact this has on growing your audience, signing new clients, dating, making friends as an adult, and everything in between. 

If you’re not 100% certain you’re utilizing the BEST colors in your wardrobe and branding, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past 14 years and counting, I’ve been blessed to work with women from all over the world, showing them their best colors for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, personal branding, and interior design through my Personal Color Palette service. During that time, I cracked the code on how to provide truly accurate and one-of-a-kind personal color analysis. Each digital palette of your 35 best hues is hand-selected based on your unique personal coloring, personality, and preferences.

The #1 result my clients report is experiencing a soar in their confidence to show up and sell on camera. Through this process, they discover WHY certain colors are the most powerful for them. They receive more compliments and feel like they look better overall. They experience more freedom and joy in shopping for themselves (even when they’ve always hated shopping in the past!). They show up confidently, knowing they look the part. They save time, money, and stress as a result of knowing which colors bring out their best and align with their personal style. 

Important note: your color palette is NOT meant to limit you in any way. 

Think of it like the seasonings in your pantry. You always want to have your favorite staples on hand like salt, pepper, parsley, paprika, or whatever that magic combo is for you. You know they pair well together and work with almost any dish you might want to make. 

Likewise, your closet should be well stocked with your favorite staples or in this case, the colors that make up your custom palette. Because they mix and match effortlessly, the more you integrate them into your wardrobe, the easier it will be to create endless outfit combinations.

Once you’ve nailed down these essentials, the fun really begins. You can add in pops of flavor like cinnamon, cumin, and curry to expand on what you already have and kick your style up a notch! So don’t be afraid to mix additional colors into your closet. Try small accessories in a contrasting color and see how you feel. Then expand from there.

Now that you know this service exists and what the benefits are, let’s review a quick breakdown of what’s included. Then, I’ll get into exactly how to use these resources so you know how to apply this sustainable shopping and styling strategy for life.

What’s Included

100% Customized Digital Color Palette

35 of your best hues for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, personal branding, interior design, and more (that you can keep and use for life). As you can see from this actual client sample, the colors in each palette are in perfect harmony with one another, making the ability to mix and match them totally effortless.

This resource is ideal for providing a full snapshot and the overall aesthetic of your best colors.

Personalized Color Palette Guide

A complete PDF covering everything you need to know, including color psychology 101 and which pieces to wear in each color (hint: they’re not all the same!) to create the right impression for each occasion. 

This resource is packed with valuable information and is a key reference as you’re creating looks for specific occasions in your life with intention.

Your Very Own Lookbook

This is an awesome and often under-utilized deliverable that provides you with a virtual “try on” of each hand-selected color next to your favorite headshot so you can see exactly how each hue compliments you perfectly. This PDF resource provides you with extra large color swatches so you can get the most comprehensive look at the make-up of your palette along with the color names for reference.

Pinterest Color Storyboard

Access a private Pinterest board with at least 75 custom curated images that capture the mood of your hues and provide endless Inso on how to mix and match them.

You can use all of these resources in different ways. Let’s take a look at some of my clients’ and my favorite ways to navigate your best colors when shopping online and in-person, picking out cosmetics, selecting interior paint colors, combining your hues, and expanding on your options.

How To Use Your Palette When Shopping Online

My favorite way to use my palette when shopping online is with a side-by-side view on my desktop computer. Here’s a quick video tutorial…

If your computer doesn’t allow you to view two programs at the same time (like Preview and Google Chrome as I demonstrated above), you can also pull your color palette up on your phone and compare the colors from your phone to the screen on your computer or tablet.

And of course, if you don’t have access to a computer or tablet, fear not. You can use your smart phone almost as easily. It’s not as optimal, but try toggling back and forth between the image of your palette and the store app. You can get a decent read on the two side-by-side as you’ll see in this demo…

How To Use Your Palette When Shopping In-Person

There’s nothing like shopping in-person. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the ability to access any store online in the matter of seconds and from the comfort of home. But even though I’m an online business owner, I love trying on a stack of clothes in the fitting room, getting an accurate read on the fit, feeling the quality of the fabrics, and seeing exactly how it looks on before I make my purchase. 

So whenever you have the opportunity, check your best colors in the store before you buy. I have my Personal Color Palette saved as a favorite in my iPhone photos so I can quickly pull it up whenever I need. Just as you would online, simply see how the colors in your palette compliment the colors you’re trying on. 

I also like to have my Lookbook handy so I can see the individual colors up close. Make sure you download all of the resources to the files app on your phone!

How To Use Your Palette When Choosing Cosmetics

Talk about a confidence booster! Choosing the right cosmetics shades can be an overwhelming process for even the biggest makeup aficionados. If you love a particular brand, head to their website with your color palette in hand. You can scroll through their selections until you find the closest match to your palette. Or you can type the color names into your search bar to explore endless options from various manufacturers (for example, “rose lipstick” or “amber peach blush”).

Don’t forget to view all the product photos provided. Sometimes cosmetics can look entirely different when applied verses how they appear in the packaging. No matter what, your palette will definitely help steer you in the right direction.

How To Use Your Palette To Pick Interior Paint Colors

Have you thought about whether the colors in your home compliment you or not? It’s so fun to empower my clients with their optimal interior design hues as well. 

Technology makes this simpler than ever to do. If you have your color palette and related resources saved to your phone, you can use apps like Sherwin William’s ColorSnap® Visualizer to match the color in your photo (or palette in this case) to their available paint colors. You can even paint a scene with your selected paint color to get a sense of what it’ll look like on an actual interior wall. I know… mind blown! 🤯

You can also take your color palette photo to any paint store and ask them to match your preferred color with their in-store spectrophotometer. (Say that 5 times fast.)

How To Expand The Colors In Your Palette

Some of my clients love sticking with the core colors in their palette. There’s actually a lot more variety with 35 colors than you might expect. Having a smaller assortment of hues to choose from makes shopping and dressing incredibly easy. And you know you’re always wearing your best!

But if you’re the kind of person who likes to color outside the lines, keep things fresh, and mix it up, I encourage you to view your color palette as a jumping off point rather than a box to limit you. 

Other times, you might find a piece you really want to add to your closet only to face the disappointment that it doesn’t come in one of your best colors. Here’s how I use my color palette to pick the next best hue and find new colors to add to the mix…

How To Combine The Colors In Your Palette

The good news? I’ve personally vetted your color palette to ensure that each and every color coordinates seamlessly. You can literally pull any two tones from your palette and rest assured that they’ll look amazing on you and paired together. 

Want a bit more inspiration to keep fresh combos coming? It’s time to head over to your Pinterest Color Storyboard and search for new ideas. Here’s how to play…

Wow! This turned into quite a robust resource for my beloved past clients and dreamy future clients alike. I hope this gave you lots of additional ways to use your color palette and see why it’s such a must-have for any fashion lover. 

If you have questions, please drop them in the comments below.

And if you’re ready to get your hands on your own custom color palette and all the deliverable described above, click here to get all the details of my Personal Color Palette service and reserve your day in my design calendar now! 

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