The Hottest Colors For Spring 2021 + Which I Recommend For You

I have a confession.

As a personal style coach, I’m not all that interested in trends.

Don’t get me wrong. I love browsing the latest runway looks, trendspotting on Pinterest, and window-shopping my favorite stores for the most recent styles. But I don’t spend time discussing the latest trends with my clients. Instead, I’m all about transcending trends, focusing on your unique, signature style, and sharing timeless principles that apply no matter your dress size, lifestyle, or the season’s “must-haves”.

I can drool over this season’s hottest colors with the best of ’em. And even more important to me than showing you what they are is helping you determine which are right for you. So please, wear what you love and what lights you up. Just keep in mind that I always encourage you to wear your clothing (and not the other way around).

Now, let’s see what’s on the menu this spring, shall we?

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Not to burst your bubble (see what I did there?), but this is the #1 most talked about color for spring 2021! I find most people either love or hate “tickle me pink”. So I probably don’t need to do a lot of deterring or persuading here. As you can see from the runway looks above, it’s perfectly acceptable to add a small pop of pink in your accessories or go full on monochromatic watermelon. This is one of those hues that can easily overpower so I recommend finding the best color pink for you and playing around with the dosage. I really like this bright, saturated option for women with dark and high contrast coloring like the models above.

All in all, it’s right for you if you LOVE pink and want to channel your inner Elle Woods this season.


This neon trend was huge on the runways and has already made a big splash in stores. Just keep in mind, bright tones can be more difficult to pull off. This colorful trend is best suited to those looking to project a more dramatic or creative style and personality. Even the tiniest touch of neon green will take your look from basic to bold, so be prepared to get the attention this eye-catching trend deserves. To take a more feminine or dainty approach, look for wispy, ruffled, or crocheted pieces. And to dip your toe in the water, opt for a small tennis ball green accent like a saturated sandal, tinted sunglasses, or a bold belt instead.

It’s for you if you love neon, “notice me!” colors and have a neutral to warm complexion.


Vibrant tangerine definitely heated up the runways this season. I’d venture to guess you don’t have much of this hue in your wardrobe currently.  So I know the question you’re wondering now – is this color right for me? I’d recommend a head-to-toe, saturated citrus like this for those with an equally warm, peachy or bronze complexion just like the models pictured above. If you love this bright pop of color but aren’t sure it would love you back, why not add just a touch here or there in a great accent shoe or handbag?  

I recommend adding a slice of orange to your spring wardrobe if you love bold colors and have a peachy or golden complexion!


White is a seriously sought out color for spring after its glaring popularity on the runways. A quintessential classic, white is incredibly versatile in that it can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and styling. Not to mention, it pairs well with absolutely everything. My best advice when choosing your all white ensemble is not to go any brighter or whiter than the whites of your teeth and eyes. (Trust me on this one.) There are so many ways to wear this trend, from dressy to casual and everywhere in between. Don’t order spaghetti or red wine, but otherwise have some fun with it!  

Try on a head-to-toe white ensemble if you adore a chic, monochromatic look… and don’t have a toddler with sticky PB&J fingers lurking around!


First, you need to know there was a rainbow of metallic fabrics on the runways this season. Shiny silver just happened to be the most prominent and deserving of a focused feature in this trend report. If you want another dramatic color option, this is a great one to add to your collection – IF you have a cool skin tone. For warmer babes, I’d rather see you go for gold, rose gold, or even an iridescent sheen instead. And if a top to bottom silver number feels too Tin Man in your opinion, scale back and look for a festive heel, pretty skirt, or eye-catching blazer in your best metallic to make this trend work for you.  

Bottom line: Silver is for you if you love feeling festive, standing out in metallics, and have a cooler complexion.


Here’s the good news about one of the most desired color families this season: pastels work on absolutely everyone. That said, you still need to consider which specific hues are best for you. Here are a few noteworthy considerations. If you look best in warm colors, you might try pastels that are on the warmer side (I know, shocker!). Think peach, champagne, and celery. If you err on the cooler side, opt for blush, mint, and lavender. I think it goes without saying, you want to make sure your pastels don’t wash you out either. You can always look for options that are a bit more saturated than your average pastel. Or if you feel truly self-conscious about this, try pastels on your lower half only and pair them with a darker top.

Put on pastels this season if you have a feminine style and want to give off a sweet, delicate vibe!

Now, tell me what you think!

Will you be trying on any of these trend colors this spring? Which feel most like you? I’d love to hear in the comments!

And if you can’t get enough of the latest styles, be sure to check out my complete Spring 2021 Trend Report. You’ll find out everything you need to know to step into spring with style… Your style, that is. From built in G-strings (I can’t make this stuff up) to baggy jeans and house slippers, whether you decide to freshen up your wardrobe with a few new pieces or adapt what you already own, this guide will be your pocket translator to what’s current – with a side order of humor and humility, as always.

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