Why Your Color “Season” Doesn’t Matter And What You Want To Know Instead

This one statement always makes me cringe… “I had a seasonal color analysis done years ago! They told me I’m a [winter / spring / summer / autumn].”

While I appreciate (and was trained in) the foundations of seasonal color analysis – or labeling clients as a particular color category – I want to tell you why your color “season” doesn’t matter and what you want to know instead.

Every seasonal color system is different.

While one color specialist might use her formulas, fans, or drapes to decide you’re a “clear spring”, another could follow a very similar process and deem you a “true summer”. Both are likely correct based on the information they have available to them. They’re simply using different systems with a unique set of parameters and terminology.

But you’re left scratching your head and not knowing who to trust or exactly what to wear. And wasn’t that your whole struggle in the first place?

Seasonal palettes are designed, by default, to put you in a box.

Most seasonal color systems only allow for a limited amount of customization, if any. And I’m sorry, but nobody puts baby in a corner! Your personal coloring, personality, and color preferences are uniquely yours. Your personal color palette should be equally one-of-a-kind.

Seasonal color information is irrelevant.

Eep! I said it! This isn’t a popular opinion, but it’s TRUE. All you really need to know is what your best colors are and how to wear them. Period. Why the industry continues to confuse people with insider jargon and ambiguous labels is beyond me.

So what should you want to know instead?

For over a decade, I’ve been blessed to work with women from all over the world, guiding them on their best colors for clothing, makeup, accessories, and personal branding. During that time, I cracked the code on how to provide truly accurate and 100% custom personal color analysis.

Instead of worrying about your seasonal color type, there are three main factors that matter instead.


This is the key piece of the puzzle! When I create a custom color palette, I design is to highlight the beauty of your personal coloring (think skin tone, hair and eye colors, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc.) Most color analysts start and stop with this step. But I take it further to incorporate…


The colors you wear should not only reflect who you are on the outside, but the inside as well. Bold and daring? Supportive and down-to-earth? My goal is to make sure a client’s color palette parallels her personality.


It’s important that you LOVE your personal color palette – or you won’t use it! I want you to feel lit up and inspired by your colors. So the first step in my process is getting to know you and your color likes and dislikes before I even begin assembling your best colors.

A self-proclaimed girly girl who wears pink well beyond Wednesdays will receive more pastels and blush tones than a quirky creative who craves metallic and neons.

Once I have all the insight I need about these 3 main factors, I get to start the design process!

I use a rainbow of fabric and printed swatches to assemble your perfect, 100% custom color palette. No two palettes are the same!

Rather than assigning you to a generic season, I hand-select a unique family of colors that compliment one another and cover everything from your best neutrals to dramatics, whites to reds, makeup to metals, and everything in between.

You’ll receive a personalized PDF Color Palette Guide that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to make the most of your palette. You’ll discover the psychology behind your colors, the best items to stock up on in each one, which colors to wear when (from date nights to client meetings), and so much more.

Instead of feeling boxed in, your color possibilities and confidence will explode as you get inspired by a private Pinterest Color Storyboard with curated images that capture the mood of your hues and give you endless ideas on how to mix and match them while adding even more options in! (Hint: if a new color blends seamlessly with your storyboard, it’s likely to look great on you, too.)

If you want to FINALLY discover your best colors and everything you truly need to know to wear them with confidence, click here to read all about my proven, proprietary [Virtual] Personal Color Analysis Service.

I can’t wait to start designing your perfect personal color palette!

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