Do Online Style Quizzes Work? I Took 14 To Find Out

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Some research suggests 1/10 of a second is all it takes for someone to determine whether you’re not only attractive (to them) but trustworthy. I knew our fingers were scrolling fast these days, but SAY WHAT!

Whether you’re consciously cultivating your personal style or not, what you wear and how you present yourself is telling people – in the blink of an eye – a whole lot about who you are. Think of the massive impact this has on growing your audience, signing new clients, making friends as an adult, and so on.

As your resident style coach, I wanted to create a free Personal Style Quiz to help you narrate your own story and accurately show the world who you are from the outside in. But first, I had to do a little homework.

Do online style quizzes actually work?

I put the top 14 (thanks, Google!) to the test. And the results were… interesting. Here’s what I discovered.

From choosing my favorite Disney Princess (Ariel, obviously) to trying to decide between one hideous shoe or another, the questions left something to be desired. Of course, they weren’t ALL bad.

But the results were where it got especially enlightening! Here are my 14 designated styles, in no particular order…

  • Chic
  • Boho + Casual
  • Classic Modern
  • Feminine
  • Chic (ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a match!)
  • Athleisure + Casual
  • Classic + Trendy (oxymoron much?)
  • Classic + Chic
  • Relaxed
  • Sweet + Feminine
  • Feminine + Natural
  • Vintage Lover
  • Natural
  • Modern Feminine

While I certainly didn’t expect them to all match exactly, I thought there would be a bit more consistency.

And here’s the first takeaway from my experiment:

Most people don’t fit into only one style type.

Over the past 14 years of offering Personal Style Analyses, I’ve always given my clients their top 3 style matches for this very reason. Rarely is someone 100% classic, creative, or dramatic. It’s usually a unique combination of the three that makes up their signature style.

Wondering how my results align with my own self-described style? Actually, pretty close! My personal style is feminine first and foremost (give me all the pretty things!), natural (#momlife), and elegant (growing up, my mom loved to say I had champagne taste on a beer budget).

While my results hit on each of those style categories, remember I had to take 14 to get there! I’m also a trained image consultant with the insight about what to look for. And I had a few results mixed in that don’t resonate with my personal style AT ALL. I’m looking at you, Boho and Vintage Lover.

Now, let’s discuss another gaping hole I need to point out:

Only two quizzes asked about my personality, lifestyle, and profession.

I agree, visual preferences are extremely important when pinpointing your signature style. But what happens when your love for sparkly cocktail dresses and stilettos doesn’t line up with being a stay-at-home mom to a wild (and messy) toddler boy?

^ Up until a few months ago, this was my reality, friend.

It won’t help me if a style quiz tells me I have a feminine or chic style without ANY tips to apply these looks to my actual, everyday life.

So, what’s the verdict here?

Most online style quizzes are more confusing than they are useful.

But it’s not hopeless, beautiful! There’s a better way to pinpoint your personal style once and for all.

Because I already have a 4-Step Signature Style Framework I was able to put to work to create the most accurate and insightful online style quiz out there! I don’t like to toot my own horn, but *toot! toot!* This quiz is seriously NEXT LEVEL.

Here’s how it’s different…

It Covers All The Essentials

In addition to your taste preferences, this quiz also examines your personality, lifestyle, career, and goals to give you the most complete style summary possible.

You Get Not 1, But 3 Results

Because, as I mentioned, most of us don’t fall into just one style stereotype. You’ll see your top three matches ranked by percentage so you can have fun combining them to create your own unique, signature style.

You’ll also get access to my curated style boards on Pinterest (which have already been deemed by a test group participant as “accurate AF”) for inspiration on how to do exactly that! 

It’s Only the Beginning

Getting your personal style quiz results is only the first step in defining your look. So I also created a free email training series that walks you through my ENTIRE 4-Step Signature Style Framework. Instead of leaving you hanging, I’ll send a short series of personalized emails to guide you through what to do to take your own swoon-worthy style goals and integrate them with your real life needs.

Are you ready to take the only truly effective online style quiz available?

Click here to get startedcompletely free!

And then come back and share your results with me in the comments. I can’t wait to hear all about your personal style insights and continue supporting you through every step of this process!

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