Answering Your Top 5 Questions About HER Style Collective


I’m excited to bring you a special edition Q&A Thursday episode today. I rounded up a handful of the most common or helpful questions I’ve been asked about my 90-day interactive group coaching program, HER Style Collective. This is a brand new program and doors are only open for about 6 more days, so I want to make sure you have all the information you need to decide whether this is the next step for you.

If you’re ready to buy less, shop smarter, and build a wardrobe you LOVE then stick around for this episode as I explain more about how we can do that together over the next 3 months, what to expect inside the program, and we’re going to figure out whether this is the right time to make an investment like this in your wardrobe! I’m excited to answer your top 5 questions and give all the insights you need to know whether HER Style Collective is the style solution you’ve been looking for.

1. I’ve never taken an online course like this. How does it work?

This is such a good question and speaking as someone who’s invested in well over a dozen online courses, it might not have been one that I would’ve thought to answer for you on my own. I’ve invested in online nutrition and fitness programs and business masterminds and even a watercolor class, so I know what makes online courses good and bad. I know what’s different about the ones I’ve completed all the way through and the ones I’ve let fall to the wayside. So let me explain how I’ve set up HER Style Collective to give you the training, support, and success you want and how it works.  

Let’s start with what happens after you enroll. You’re going to receive 2 emails. One will be a copy of your receipt and the other will be a welcome email from me. We’re going to do a virtual happy dance together, because this is a BIG DEAL for you and your wardrobe! It means 90-days toward gaining total clarity, ease, and confidence around getting dressed. 🎉

Inside that welcome email, you’re going to see some important dates and next steps for you. Let’s do a quick review of the timeline for the program. This is really simple. There’s something to look forward to almost every day next week. On Monday, you’ll be gaining access to the student learning center. This is your online hub for all the training content inside the program. This is where you’ll log-in to watch bite-sized videos on 6 different modules. In HER Style Collective, you’ll receive timeless trainings on:

  1. Dialing-In Your Signature Style
  2. Flattering Your Figure
  3. Discovering Your Best Colors (+ a hand-designed palette of your 35 best colors!)
  4. Auditing Your Closet
  5. Designing Your Dream Capsule
  6. Shopping and Styling Strategies

So that’s the basic gist of the program content, which you can access at your convenience each week inside the student learning center. These modules are going to be dripped bi-weekly throughout the 90-day program, because we’re all working on this together. That’s why it’s called a Collective. I want us to be pretty much on the same page at the same time. I know for me, I have flown through a lot of online courses, and just binged all of the training videos, and then never done anything with the information. I don’t want that for you here! I want you to get step one and then implement step one. Then, we’re going to walk through step 2 and make sure you’re successful with step 2.

I really am holding your hand through each step of the process and we’ll keep working through it one strategic piece at a time. You need to know your foundations of style and what looks best on you in terms of style, fit, and color before you evaluate what’s in your wardrobe. You need to know what you have and what you want to have before you start shopping and putting outfits together. So each step stacks together in a really practical way.

Now, inside the student learning center, you’ll also find additional resources, guest expert trainings on topics like body image, budgeting, and closet organization. And you can also find the replays of our live weekly style coaching calls. I’ll tell you more about those in just a sec.

Next Wednesday, doors are opening to the private student membership community. This is a dedicated space on Facebook where you can meet the other women who are participating in HER Style Collective alongside you. And this is where you can post any questions you have and receive daily support throughout the program. You can share your homework for review, your ah-ha moments, your challenges, your wins, and connect with an intimate group of women who are working toward the very same goals as you! This is a collaborative experience. We’re all revamping our wardrobes together and we’re going to encourage each other through the journey. I’m really excited about this, because I don’t like working on my goals in a vacuum. I’m way more successful when I have people to bounce ideas off and give me accountability to keep showing up and doing the work!

So you’ll have the power of a community to support you as well.

And then we’re diving in and kicking off HER Style Collective on Thursday, September 14th!  We’ll have our first LIVE call at 1pm EST that day. I’ll be welcoming you, walking you through the learning center, answering your questions, and making sure you’re set up for success. And I’ll also be talking about where to focus your attention in the first week of the program, so you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do and how you’re going to get it done before the next call. Each week, you’ll have a goal that you’re working towards, you can submit your homework for my review and feedback, and we’re going to make sure you’re staying on track.

Plus, for a limited-time, I’m offering a BONUS 20-minute Style Strategy Call with me ($125 value). This is a private call, just the two of us, on Zoom. So we’ll get to connect face-to-face and meet one another, you’ll get to tell me about where you’ve been struggling with your wardrobe and what your goals are for the Collective, and this will ensure that I can customize your experience and give you exactly what you need to walk away having met every single one of your goals after our 90-days together inside this program.

2. What if I work during the day and can’t attend the weekly calls?

I totally understand this! What I would recommend you do is submit your questions and homework for review in advance of each call. I’ll be giving you deadlines to submit your homework if you want it to be reviewed on the calls, so you’ll know when to have things done by.

P.S. When I say “homework”, this is the stuff you want to be doing. You’re creating your style mood board and designing your dream wardrobe and window shopping. This is NOT a history or math class. You’re not getting graded. You don’t have to study. We’re having fun and getting re-inspired around getting dressed! But I want to be able to have my eyes on each step as you work through it, so you can get my feedback and feel really confident in how you’re building your wardrobe. 

Back to the question. You can pre-submit questions and work in advance of the calls and I’ll be able to provide that feedback on the live call. Each session is recorded and uploaded to the student learning center, so you can go back later and watch it whenever you have time during the week.

You can also ask questions anytime you want inside the private student membership community on Facebook. There are so many ways for you to receive the support you need! 

3. Which season are we focusing on in our wardrobes?

I love this question! The answer is… you get to decide! This program is designed to help you build out your entire wardrobe. We’re covering every area from lingerie to accessories and everything in between. So you’ll have all the training you need to work on your entire wardrobe top-to-bottom. 

Now, that said, everyone’s going to take their own approach. For this round of the Collective, I’m focusing on building out my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I imagine that’s where a lot of you will want to put your time and attention as well. But I’ve also helped clients build out a really great base capsule that will transition between seasons. So you could choose to do that. Maybe you know there’s one particular area of your closet that needs the most attention. You struggle to find pants that fit and feel good. Or your shoe collection is a mess. 

Remember, this program is 100% personalized to what YOU need!

4. Will you tell me where to shop? I’m really limited in my area.

I hear this All. The. Time. I’ve had a couple of conversations with women this week that there are not a lot of retail options where they live. 

I’m handing over a complete directory of stores and brands categorized by style and price point. Plus, they’re also marked with location of where they’re based and there’s a little symbol to let you know which ones are sustainable or eco-friendly companies. This resource is worth its weight in gold! And it’s something brand new that I’ve created specifically for the members inside HER Style Collective. So you’ll be getting these personalized recommendations and it’s going to give you a major head start on where to shop.

5. What kind of budget do I need for shopping?

You can successfully complete HER Style Collective with a ZERO dollar budget for shopping. If you make the investment in this program and you really don’t have any extra funds available to shop, that’s not a problem! We’re going to rework your existing wardrobe. We’re going to maximize what you already have and create new combinations of your clothing. I’m going to give you styling tips to make what you own look better on you. We can talk about alterations as well, which would be a much smaller investment than buying new pieces. But we will make it work for you! Because not everyone wants a whole new wardrobe. Some women just want to better utilize what they have. That’s why the final month of the program is centered around Shopping AND Styling. You might spend more time shopping or you might spend more time styling your pieces or a combination of both. That’s totally up to you!

And if you know you have some gaps in your wardrobe, but you can’t fill them right away, you’re going to wrap up this 90-day program with a clear and strategic shopping list for the future. As soon as you’re ready to spend or you have a birthday or people start asking what you want for Christmas or there’s a great deal at your favorite store, you’re going to have your list of specific items and the priority level in which you want to buy them! So you’ll be 100% ready to go when the time comes to shop.

But most of my clients are pleasantly surprised to find that they need much less than they think and they can create way more outfits with what they have than they realized! Remember, one of our goals in the program is to buy LESS and shop SMARTER. If you want to start fresh and buy a whole new wardrobe, wonderful. You can do that! We can build this thing from the ground up. But 98% of you are just going to want to pick up a couple of pieces to make what you have work a little better or to freshen things up for the season and then the real key is in the Styling piece of it.

If I had to put a dollar amount to it, I’d love for you to have anywhere between $250–500 set aside for shopping, depending on where you like to shop and what your ideal price points are (and yes, that’s something we’re going to be figuring out together inside the program). Some women will spend $250 on one pair of jeans. Some are more comfortable spending $50–75 on a pair of jeans. So we need to factor that in as well. But if you can, set aside $250–500 or more if you have it! That’ll enable you to fill in any major gaps that you have and also get to walk away with a couple of exciting new pieces for the season.

Plus, I’ll be designing a Personal Color Palette of your 35 best colors and I know most of my clients can’t wait to bring some of these options into their wardrobes. So you might even just want to bring in an everyday accessory in your eye color or something like that to help you feel your best and celebrate your best colors.

No matter what your budget, this will work for you.

And keep in mind, this isn’t an investment you’re making in just one season of your wardrobe. You’re getting the step-by-step system you need to refresh your wardrobe every single season for as long as you need to get dressed. You can reapply what you learn here over and over again. 

You might be thinking… Well, instead of investing in HER Style Collective, I could just take those funds and buy a new fall wardrobe. And you could! If you’re clear on your style and what works for you and what you need and how to shop strategically, then please do that. You probably don’t need to join this program.

But if your closet has NOT been working for you and you’re frustrated with trying to shop and you don’t know what to buy or you can’t find what you want or you think you know what you need but then you’re usually disappointed to find that those pieces don’t actually work for you or the cute outfits you see online don’t translate that way on your body, then you need to get these foundations in place first.

It makes more sense to invest in your style education and getting the frameworks you need to shop with confidence, to know what flatters you and how to find those perfect pieces, and in getting some help to build out a cohesive capsule that excites you!

If you’re not sure where to start or if you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, then I’d rather you not buy more clothes that aren’t going to work for you long term.

You can continue duct taping your wardrobe together and buying pieces that are just so-so or that might excite you for a minute this season OR you can build your wardrobe with strategy and invest in items that are going to bring it all together and excite you beyond this season. The choice is yours.

Doors are closing on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at midnight eastern. The $100 savings and bonus Style Strategy Call ($125 value) are also going away.

This is the last opportunity to partner with me on revamping your wardrobe this year. I don’t want you to miss out on this! I’m so excited to offer my support and expertise. I’ve been doing this for well over a decade with clients from all over the world, with varying styles, budgets, and body types. We have a beautiful, diverse group of women already enrolled in the Collective and I’d love for you to join us! You’ll be so welcomed here. And it’s my personal guarantee that we are going to make your wardrobe goals a reality. 

Click here to get all the details and save your spot! Space is limited and I have a feeling we’re going to fill up.

If you want to finally have a streamlined wardrobe of clothes you love and that look amazing on you and that mix and match effortlessly, then this is where you need to be. This is what we’re creating together over the next 90-days! You’re going to buy less, but better, fill in those gaps with strategy and intention, and walk away with a wardrobe you LOVE. I can’t wait to see your wardrobe come together for you!

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