Update Your Seasonal Wardrobe In One Weekend With This Simple Strategy


I know the thought of revamping your closet can feel daunting. It’s hard to find time to tackle your wardrobe! And I can say from firsthand experience, it’s usually one of those projects that falls to the wayside. 

But as a new season rolls in, there’s nothing like having a well-curated closet ready to go. Imagine…

No more scrambling in the morning for something ─anything─ to wear.

No more pining over everyone else’s latest hauls.

No more feeling at a loss for what to buy or where to shop.

No more scratching your head at the latest trends.

Just NO.

You ready to take some notes? I’m going to hand over 3 simple steps to plan out your seasonal wardrobe in one weekend. This is an awesome strategy to update your closet FAST. And it’s a really fun one, too!

You can also do this in any 3 blocks of time, whether over the weekend, during the week, in the evenings. Use the time you have available. You also get to determine how much time you spend on each of the 3 steps. And the more often you follow this process, the faster it’ll get each time.

I’m sure you won’t be shocked when I say that step one starts with Pinterest. 😉

Friday: Get (P)inspired!

Yes, I’m suggesting you get comfy cozy, pour your favorite beverage (a nice glass of sauv blanc, a cup of herbal tea, dealer’s choice), nestle in on a Friday night, and play on Pinterest

You sold yet? 

This is my favorite part of the process, because you get to DREAM UP your ideal summer wardrobe or whatever season you’re in. There are no limits, budgets, or roadblocks.

Dive in and search for “summer outfit inspo”, “beachwear”, “vacation looks”, or any other style and seasonal-related phrases your heart desires! You can also save images from your favorite style bloggers or online stores.

Start pinning all the looks you love to a NEW Summer 2023 Style Mood Board so you can focus in on the current seasonKeep your best colors, prints, silhouettes, proportions, and preferred styles in mind. You’ll thank yourself later.

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone even if it’s just a tip-toe. 

Here’s a snapshot of my own 2023 Spring/Summer Style Mood Board as an example:

Saturday: Audit Your Closet

Before you start buying up all the pretty things you pinned, take an hour or two to explore what you already have.

Set aside a small block of (ideally distraction-free) time to quickly audit your current fall clothing and accessories. I love to work on one section at a time ─blouses, sweaters, jeans, trousers, shoes, you get the idea.

Download my free Closet Audit Flowchart here to help with the process!

As you’re working through your existing pieces, jot down what fits within your ideal capsule wardrobe (refer back to your new style mood board often) and what’s missing.

Sunday: Plan Your Purchases

Take a second glance at your Pinterest Style Mood Board. Do you notice any recurring themes? Are there any standout pieces that would help you achieve your style goals more easily?

Back to my own example, these are the items that stood out as recurring AND currently missing from my wardrobe:

  • Dramatic and feminine white top
  • Bike shorts
  • Matching lounge set with shorts
  • Cropped, straight leg, light wash jeans
  • Dramatic and feminine sleeveless top (for date night!)

Start your shopping list by prioritizing the most essential items.

The ones that show up over and over in the outfits you like most. The ones you find yourself wishing for as you stand in front of your closet each morning.

Allocate your seasonal shopping budget according to your greatest needs.

Then, start shopping!

Please note: I said PLAN your purchases. I didn’t say to go hog wild on a shopping spree. Remember, we want to be intentional about what goes into our wardrobes. We’re curating it like an art gallery, in a sense. We’re making sure our pieces mix and match, serve a need, and look fabulous on us. Let’s raise the bar as we go. 

Or better yet, recreate the looks you love with pieces you already own.

In just a few hours over the course of a weekend, you can give your closet the quick, seasonal refresh it needs.

I would suggest spending 1-2 hours on Pinterest planning on Friday, 2-3 hours auditing your existing wardrobe on Saturday, and 1-2 hours planning your purchases on Sunday. Of course, you can invest more time if you have it! But you could essentially complete this 3-step strategy in as little as 4 hours over the course of a weekend. 

And the result of those 4 hours is having a crystal clear picture of…

1. How you desire to look and feel this season

2. What you currently own and is going to work well for you

3. Knowledge of exactly what you need and the priority order in which you need it!

Plus, you can also start shopping to fill in those gaps! 

If you give this 3-step process a whirl, I’d love to hear how it goes for you and what’s on your wish list this season. 

HER Style on Pinterest

Free Closet Audit Flowchart

Wardrobe Refresh Program


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