101 Outfits That Will Inspire You To Wear Your Eye Color More Often

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your eye color is everything. Wearing your eye color, especially near your face, will not only make your eyes look striking but psychologically conveys a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. No matter what your eye color is, it’s the perfect one to wear for sales videos, client meetings, coffee chats, or anytime you want to maintain top-notch communication and eye contact! Because, think about it, wearing your eye color close to your face (ex. a blouse, scarf, or necklace) is going to draw the focus right back to your eyes. Plus, it’s a divinely appointed color for you, so you never have to wonder whether it’s going to look flattering. (Hint: it will.)

The only problem? Every once in a while, I hear from women who hesitate to adopt this color into their wardrobes, because they aren’t a big fan of their eye color or it’s one they never considered wearing before. So in this blog post, I’ve compiled 101 outfits that will inspire you to wear your eye color more often ─no matter what it is.

Confession: this blog post actually contains 102 eye color inspired and Pinterest-sourced outfits, but 101 had a nicer ring to it. 😉

Keep scrolling and save this post for all the outfit inspo you need! Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of eye colors OR outfits, but I hope it makes you way more excited to try incorporating this powerful and personalized color recommendation into your wardrobe!

If your eyes are hazel or multi-dimensional (like mine), it can be a bit trickier to recognize your true eye color. If this is the case for you, try to choose the most predominant color or experiment a bit until you find your favorites.

Rich caramel and warm butterscotch eye colors need to be celebrated! These gorgeous tones make the perfect base for your outfit, whether you want to mimic your eye color with a beautiful bronze blazer, a camel leather skirt, or a classic amber accent. Look no further than the ensembles above and below to get you started.

Brown is the eye color I hear the most objections about and while I get it, I don’t. There’s nothing more chic than a rich, head-to-toe espresso colored ensemble. My eyes are hazel, but even I jump at the chance to add deep chestnut and cocoa colors to my closet. If this is your eye color, give it a chance! Try on something like the above or below styles and I bet you’ll be surprised.

Click here for more brown outfit inspiration.

Green eyes run the gamut between warm citrine, avocado, and olive to neutral eucalyptus, deep spruce, and kelly green. Be sure to echo the core color and temperature of your eyes in your tops, bottoms, and accessories to best enhance the appearance of your pretty peepers. Play around with this gorgeous variety of greens until you find the ideal option to make your eyes pop.

Click here for more green outfit inspiration.

Ocean blue and smoky sea foam eyes, these looks are beckoning. Slip into a teal top, jacket, pant, skirt, or piece of jewelry to give your eyes the spotlight they deserve. These universally flattering colors are sure to look amazing on you. Just be sure not to put on a turquoise hue any brighter than your eyes or they may look dull in comparison. Instead, let your beautiful blue-green eyes take center stage.

Click here for more teal outfit inspiration.

Ready to flaunt those baby blues? It’s time to step out in a matching cerulean, cornflower, or cobalt number. As I’ve mentioned above, make sure the hues you wear are no brighter than the blues in your eyes. And remember, blue conveys trust and calmness from a psychological standpoint. So if you have blue eyes to boot, this is a no-brainer color choice to double down on for your next interview or sales pitch. Let’s keep the inspiration flowing, shall we?

Click here for more blue outfit inspiration.

Gray is a great neutral, but it can be a difficult color to wear well. So if you have slate, dove, or pewter hued eyes, I’d love to see you embrace an equally warm or cool gray assortment in your wardrobe. Because there’s such a wide range of gray temperatures, it’s important to make sure your choices compliment your skin tone, too. Don’t rely solely on your eye color for this one.

Click here for more gray outfit inspiration.

There you have it, friend! I’ve handed you at least 101 outfits (+ more over on Pinterest!) to help you start incorporating your eye color into your wardrobe. I’d love to hear what your eye color is and whether you’ve intentionally worn it before or if you’ll be trying it now. Leave a comment below and let’s continue the conversation!

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