How To Look (and Feel) Your Best This Holiday Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! …Or is it?

The holidays are a time to be holly and jolly, but they also bring up a whole spectrum of feelings. You might be getting nostalgic or experiencing a sense of childlike wonder. Maybe you’re grieving a loss or going through hardships this year and Christmastime feels heavy. You might be running around like a crazy person gathering up all the gifts, baking cookies for your friends and neighbors, hosting all the holiday parties, or just trying to keep up with your kids’ Christmas concerts and school events.

Wherever you are right now, take a deep breath. You’re going to get through it and I want to help you make the most of this special season that also carries hope, joy, and love.

In this episode, I’m equipping you with everything you need to look (and feel) your best this holiday season no matter your current calendar, cashflow, or clothing size.

Look at your calendar

Whether you’re like me and are finding yourself with a LOT going on over the coming weeks or you use the time leading up to Christmas as a period for quiet and stillness, feeling good over the holidays means tuning into what you have going on.

Wardrobe panic is a REAL thing and I don’t want you to feel frustrated when you go to get dressed for your kids’ Christmas concert or the office holiday party or the open house your Aunt Sally hosts every year. 

To look your best and get dressed with ease, take a few minutes today to look at what’s on your schedule over the next 4 weeks. 

For each event, ask yourself how you want to FEEL when you show up. Do you want to be festive and fun? Or laidback and comfortable? Do you want to make a statement or feel more supportive to your date or the hostess? 

Once you determine how you want to feel, start browsing your wardrobe NOW. Don’t wait until the last minute, if you can help it. It might feel self-absorbed to spend time going through your closet or putting so much attention on what you wear, but at the end of the day, you have to get dressed for all of these activities. If you can plan ahead and save yourself stress later on when you’re trying to rush out the door, you’ll thank yourself. And you’ll be able to focus out on your loved ones whether that means getting everyone else dressed quickly in your household or showing up confidently and being able to relax and enjoy yourself fully.

Do you have a great outfit you know you can put together for each activity? What pieces do you need to start looking for now? And, before you run out and start impulse shopping, consider whether you’ll have a need for those items again after this season!   

Consider your cashflow

As a recovering shopaholic, there’s an easy tendency to overspend at Christmastime. To look your best, you might feel like need to buy more clothes or accessories. But on top of that, you’re also likely shopping for presents and making travel plans, and searching for the perfect hostess gifts, and there are so many ways to rack up our spending this time of year.

So instead, I encourage you to start with what you have. Again, make the most of your current wardrobe. If you do have some legitimate wardrobe gaps that make sense to fill in right now, prioritize those needs and allocate your budget accordingly.

Don’t feel defeated by your clothing size

Remember, there are THREE foundations to great style and only ONE of them relates to your figure. 

It’s also important to honor your signature style. This is an ideal time of year to tip-toe out of your comfort zone if you’ve been wanting to take more risks with your wardrobe. The holidays are a fun time to try new things and get away with it! You can dress up more than you normally would. Add a dramatic accent you might not otherwise feel comfortable bringing out. This season is all about merriment and fun. Everyone’s feeling a bit more childlike and you can capitalize on this opportunity to play with your outfits. Try a new makeup or hairstyle trend (it’s less expensive than clothing!). Opt for a trending accessory. And take heart, because none of those tips are clothing-size dependent. 

Another area you can focus on is pinpointing your best colors. I talk about this a lot and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I personally guarantee that opting for clothing and cosmetics in your most flattering hues will make you feel SO GOOD this season! Because this is such a visual topic, I put together this blog article all about the best holiday colors to wear based on your complexion.

And of course, you can look and feel incredible at ANY clothing size. Wherever you are today, embrace it, my friend. Don’t let anything stop you from making the most of the holidays and showing up fully. There are more clothing options available at every size than ever before. Pinterest is a great place to find outfit inspiration and you can easily search by clothing size, body shape, or any other physical features you want to know how to flatter or make sure you flaunt. Instead of feeling defeated, get proactive and start researching how to dress your beautiful body well, just the way it is!

Finally, we already talked about the importance of taking care of yourself at this busy time of year. Get the rest you need to feel well. Follow all the standard advice of staying hydrated and eating mindfully. Rather than depriving yourself if you aren’t where you want to be clothing size-wise, try to tune in to what your body actually needs. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Enjoy the holiday foods you love in moderation. Just like my shopping philosophy, you can be intentional about all the choices you make in this season, including how you take care of your physical health.

Because again, looking your best is greatly affected by whether you’re FEELING your best. And I want you to reach out and claim both of those things not only in the month ahead, but for as long as you can. 


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