4 Fit-Related Questions to Ask Before You Click “Add to Cart”


We all want to wear clothes that highlight our assets and minimize our insecurities. But I can’t be the only one who’s slipped up for the sake of rocking the latest trend or picked up a frumpy frock thinking it would look great if I just added a belt here or some fashion tape there. 

Let’s put an end to this cycle now! There’s simply NO room in your closet for pieces that either don’t do you justice or require too much effort.

To start building a wardrobe you love, you need to become ultra selective about what you allow in. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing 4 fit-related questions to ask yourself before you click “add to cart”.

1: What does this item accentuate?

Check out ALL the product images (ideally displayed on an actual human) and take note of the first place your eye goes. Is this an area of your body you want to highlight? 

2: Does this piece work well on its own?

Save yourself the trouble and skip any items that require other items in order to look good!  You should love each article in your closet for what it is without having to add a belt here or a jacket there in order to pull it off.  Allow yourself the convenience of grabbing anything in the morning without too much effort to put it all together.

3: Will this flatter my body’s shape and proportions?

Our body shapes are NOT something we can easily alter.  Whether you have a more triangular silhouette, like me, or an hourglass figure, or an oval shape, this is primarily based on your frame, bone structure, and where you naturally store fat and muscle.  So this isn’t a time to get down on yourself or start resisting your natural silhouette.  

No matter how much I exercise or gain or lose weight, my hips and thighs will always be a bit wider than my shoulders.  My inherent shape is a tad larger on the bottom half and there’s not much I can do to change that. The same goes for you and your God-given shape, my friend.

And this is also true for your length proportions. Once you’re finished growing, there’s not much (if anything) you can do to change the length of your waist, rise, and legs. I mean, I know cosmetic surgery can do crazy things these days, but I still haven’t heard of a rise enhancement or reduction.

But knowledge is power and once you know your body shape and proportions, you can choose to celebrate and highlight it OR you can alter the visual impression with your clothing choices to create the look you want (within reason). 

Because that’s an in-depth topic for another day, for now, do a quick comparison against the current favorites in your closet. How similar or different is the piece you’re eyeing up online?  At the end of the day, I always want to empower you to trust your judgment. I guarantee you know more than you think you do.

4: Can I easily return, exchange, or alter this if it doesn’t work for me?

I’ve seen more than enough negative retailer reviews to know people don’t always read the return policies before buying. Make sure you can return or at least exchange the item FOR FREE and decide whether you’re willing to go to the trouble of shipping it back or having it altered to fit you properly if necessary.

If the store provides you with a size guide, refer to your current measurements and double check that you’re ordering the best size for you. Always choose the option that fits to your largest measurement. It’s much easier to have something taken in by a tailor than let out. And read the reviews to see whether other buyers recommend sizing up or down.

Bonus: Will or do I feel my very best in this?

You should have complete confidence in how you look and feel before deciding to add a new piece to your closet.  Are you sucking in here or tugging on the fabric over there?  If you’re feeling squirmy or unsure about an item, it’s guaranteed to stay in your closet with the tags still on for eternity or end up in an unworn pile on your bedroom floor in the morning.

There’s no reason to clutter up your closet ─and your life─ with pieces that don’t WOW you.

I want you to love the way you look in what you’re wearing. Not in a conceited way, of course. But in a confident way.

I’m not just talking about what you wear out in public either. There are 24 hours in a day and you get to enjoy every single one of them. So if you want to feel sexy in the boudoir, why not go for the silky négligée? Or if comfort is more your speed, pick up the softest cotton pajama set you can get your hands on.

Create a pleasurable atmosphere within your wardrobe and I guarantee you’ll find yourself more confident and enthused to get dressed and tackle the everyday tasks that define your life.


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